Amazing Cultivation Simulator How To Obtain Laws And Manuals

This guide focus on how to obtain other laws or manuals aside from the starting ones.

For now, I’m only talking about the Xiandao laws or manuals, so this is pretty much for early game plrs.

Xiandao Laws.

Starting from the basics.

Laws are the guides that you use on an outer disciple, so he/she can breakthrough and become a xiandao, body, or shendao cultivator. Only xiandao manuals can be transcribed on the manual pavilion. You transcribe these laws or manuals, so those disciples with different laws can learn these techniques.

Let’s ignore body and shendao.

We mainly learn these manuals so xiandao cultivators below golden core can learn max qi techniques so that their golden core quality is as high as possible. We can also use them to upgrade artifact mastery, crafting, alchemy, spells, etc…

Xiandao laws or manuals, can be obtained via secrets, and buying or stealing from sects. (or if you can you might as well destroy them…)

Nimbus (Check out comments on extra sect from DLC) and Talisman law (He zudao check out comments on skydome palace) are an exception though.

Buying is only possible while having over a 1000 reputation with a sect, which means gifting as much as you can, or, completing their respective tasks. Stealing requires an extreme deal of patience, many crappy fireworks, and RNG. Finally comes destroying a sect, and in the case, you can do it, ¿Why are you reading this?

Secrets are pretty much a “Manifesting Mandate” or “Manifesting Miracle.” “Manifesting Cave / Immortal’s Abode”, as well as “A lost manual”.

Obtaining these secrets is pretty easy as long as you spam “Derivative Calculation ” as every successful use of this technique generates a secret. This makes getting manuals or laws pretty easy, as long as you have a high-stats cultivator, ur good to go.

The formula for this skill is = (Int + Luck) * Attainment/40 = success chance in %

(Im not endgame, kind of midgame maybe, these might not be every available option, but im pretty sure this little guide can be of some use to early game plrs.)

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