Harley Quinn has confirmed to be uniquely invincible within the DC Universe, along with her means to improvise and react to all types of threats getting her out of loads of scrapes. But it is solely inevitable that sometime, her luck will run out — and DC might need revealed which enemy would possibly lastly take her down.

“The Last Harley Story” from Harley Quinn thirtieth Anniversary Special (by Rob Williams, John Timms, and Saida Temofonte) suggests Amanda Waller would be the individual to lastly kill Harley. Their innate battle and stress will nearly definitely develop right into a blunt remaining confrontation.

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The “final” Harley Quinn story largely takes place in Harley’s creativeness as she lays dying from a severe harm. Confronting the Suicide Squad on a rooftop in entrance of Batman and Wonder Woman, Harley refuses to again down — forcing Amanda Waller to activate the bomb in her mind, sending her crashing to the bottom. Harley spends the remainder of the story imagining a state of affairs the place she was resistant to the bomb. When Waller’s new plan to contaminate everybody on the planet with nano bombs is a hit (largely wiping out crime throughout the planet), Harley would be the just one who’s unaffected. This will make her the world’s solely lively felony and permit her to proceed her energetic life. In the tip, although, Harley collapses to the bottom, smoke popping out of her ears as she barely has sufficient life to get out one final snarky reply to Waller.

It’s a somber (and clearly non-canon) story, but it surely’s efficient. Harley’s imaginative and prescient of a dream world is one the place she will get to proceed to have enjoyable till her final moments, heralded as a hero by the general public for bringing chaos and freedom again to the individuals. But it is also a notable story for highlighting how Amanda Waller — or somebody akin to her — is perhaps probably the most real menace to Harley. Harley’s expertise overcoming the likes of Batman and the Joker alike have made her extremely intelligent and artful. Her amplified physicality means it is unlikely some random individual would be capable of get the higher of her. That leaves the Suicide Squad because the most definitely place for Harley to fall.

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It makes good sense that Amanda Waller would ultimately resolve that Harley is an excessive amount of of an issue and easily activate the bomb inside her cranium. For all of Harley’s abilities in fight, all of her velocity, agility and wits, there’s nonetheless no avoiding that explosive ending. Harley at the very least will get to die on her toes, refusing to lose management of herself to Waller. It’s one thing Waller even notes with some grim respect on the finish of the story, that Harley knew she could not win towards her — however she nonetheless got here for her all the identical.

Harley’s potential demise suits the character completely, giving her remaining moments a bittersweet edge. Since breaking out as her personal character aside from the Joker’s orbit, she has been uncontrollable — she’s her personal girl, capable of make her personal selections. Being beneath the thumb of somebody like Amanda Waller is a brutal prospect, one thing Harley clearly needs to keep away from, even when it means the loss of life of her. Harley’s remaining moments within the story additional cement Waller as a real foil to the anti-hero, and spotlight how any type of management over Harley goes to be an excessive amount of for her to simply settle for — even when it prices her every part within the course of.

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