All Wild Psychic Combos and Moves in The Strongest Battlegrounds


    With the Psychic update now available, players can enjoy the Wild Psychic character for free in The Strongest Battlegrounds. Therefore, I will explain how to claim this character and give you a detailed description of his moveset and combos.

    Wild Psychic Move Set Explained: Strongest Battlegrounds

    Wild psychic has four different movements that you can use to attack your opponents in The Strongest Battlegrounds:


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    As the name suggests, this ability draws your opponent towards you when you aim accurately. It has a cooldown of 22 seconds, but the key factor is aiming accurately. If you fail, the skill will not be able to output anything and will be wasted.

    Wind storm fury

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    With Windstorm Fury, Wild Psychic emits a green storm in a forward direction that traps your opponents within it. Skill deals 8% of total damage and take 20 seconds recharge.

    stone coffin

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    The movement animation begins when the player hits the ground, releasing a green circular trap. If an opponent is trapped inside this area, they will be trapped inside the stone coffin and will be pulled towards you before taking damage. However, this ability has a relatively long cooldown of 25 seconds.

    Expulsive thrust (use twice)

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    Expulsive Push has two different variants. The first version launches the player in the desired direction and ends with a small explosion. The second variant is activated by pressing the activation key twice, causing an explosion about a second later.

    All working combos for Wild Psychic

    I have discovered the following strongest combos for Wild Psychic in The Strongest Battlegrounds:

    • Easy difficulty: 4x M1, 1x Windstorm Fury, 1x Crushing Flip, 1x Downward Strike
    • Medium difficulty: 3x M1, 1x Side Dash, 1x Dash, 4x M1, 1x Expulsive Push, 3x M1, 1x Side Dash, 1x Dash, 3x M1, 1x Slam, 1x Storm’s Fury, 4x M1, 1x Crushing Pull
    • Hard difficulty: 3x M1, 1x Downslam, 1x Windstorm Fury, 3x M1, 1x Downslam, 1x Stone Coffin, 3x M1, 1x Uppercut Loop Tech, 1x Smash, 1x Expulsive Thrust

    How to Go Wild Psychic in The Strongest Battlegrounds

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    As I mentioned above, Wild Psychic is now a free character, meaning you don’t have to spend Robux to unlock him in The Strongest Battlegrounds. To equip it, launch the game in the Roblox player and click on the character option in the upper left corner of the screen. Then select wild psychic from the list and you will get the aforementioned moves.

    For more information on Roblox, check out The Strongest Battlegrounds Trello Link & Discord – Roblox or The Strongest Battlegrounds Kill Sound IDs List – Roblox on MyFullGames.

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