All the secrets of the Abandoned House of the Demonologist


    There are a few secrets that can be found in each of the maps in Demonologist. The Abandoned House is the first map available and has a series of scares that can be activated by speaking into the microphone. There are also secret rooms in the house that can be accessed and will need to be unlocked each time the map loads. These are all the secrets of the Abandoned House in Demonologist and where to find them.

    All Easter eggs from the abandoned house in Demonologist

    There are a total of three Easter Eggs, or secrets, in the Demonologist’s Abandoned House that are very easy to activate. Unlike Romero’s Hospital Easter Egg, these Easter Eggs do not require searching. All of them are voice activated, but can be activated using the P key for typing too, making it easy to activate if the microphone doesn’t pick up what’s being said.

    Do you want to play ???? with me

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    This Easter Egg can be found in the hallway of the Abandoned House. He chart will have a phrase that can be activated by saying “do you want to play ball with me” into the microphone or by pressing P and typing it. This will cause a child to laugh and throw a ball down the hall.

    great painting

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    At the end of the corridor and to the left there is a library with a large painting with magna written on it. Saying this name will cause a jump scare, but there are a few other jump scares that can occur in the room.

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    How to access the Secret Room in Demonologist

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    The third and final Easter Egg for the Abandoned House is the secret room. He dream room It can be accessed by going to the room with the wedding dress and looking at the obstacle blocking the room on the left. reading the name Victory through the book the next room will open, and looking at the wall through the Anger The portrait will eventually cause a hallway to appear as well. The dream room will open by reading the word on its door and can actually be closed players inside. If this happens, you will have to say “my name is anger“to get free.

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