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    When I first met him, it smelled salty.

    I’m in despair, where the middle argument is poverty.

    Keep your eyes on your bodies when you want to drink more garlic.

    The album contains a lot of music from my stomach.

    The fantastic student dances in love.

    It is a bad job. Im interrupting it because I want to understand what’s happening.

    Let’s show off our inferiority complexes and constructs between.

    You realize that you can’t change anything, right?

    Effortless, self-centered, incomprehensible player, all ages, intuitive, self-centered, totainable, no-one else.

    If that’s what you want, we’ll have a catastrophe party.

    What would be better than a foolish verbal skirmish?

    Although its harder than I thought.

    Even if I scream, how it pisses me off, even if I swallow everything, you’re screaming.

    I cant give up these days and clean the clothes that I have.

    It’s hard to get up because I don’t know how much people have left.

    If my reflex glands lacrillise, I would get my reflex glands.

    They will sing in a dry voice. I will be grateful for them.

    I want to experience it.

    The nights of cold, mellow desperation are so pleasant.

    I wished I had the most normal life, but he was still with me, I remember the most common life.

    But it’s really nice to win a confidence from the first move.

    The flowers are in bloom when I come home.

    To be honest, even in the heart of the blessed world, feeling empty is my friend’s best friend.

    She tells me that when I go to bed in my ear whispers, I get a little dread in my throat, I’ll get my hands dripping my whole soul.

    It’s time for us to improve our knowledge.

    As an intuitive, self-centered, incomprehensible player,

    If that is what you want, let’s have an afterparty.

    Even though my pupils are disabling, I can not rest.

    Whether I scream, how it puts me off, even if I swallow everything, he says.

    I can’t help to give up this days lets feed, dirty and eat, the dead, and the weeds.

    I can not get up as soon as I know how many lives I’ve left.

    If my reflex is leukemia, it may be a pain!

    They will sing in a muddy voice and I will be grateful to them.

    I want to experience that!

    The nights of warm, sticky desperation are so pleasant.

    As for the lifestyle, I still dreamed about life like it was in one place.

    But it’s very nice to win safely from the first move.

    I just want to live quietly and peacefully.

    I have no desire to cause problems for anyone.

    If I don’t fight, I won’t make a splash on the head.

    That was a very simple and clear thought.

    Even if I scream, how it pisses me off, even if I swallow anything, so I am going to budge.

    I cant give up, let’s feed on them and wash them again.

    I can’t get up, I’m still not knowing how many lives I have left.

    I have reflex lacrimal glands in my reflex.

    They’re going to sing in muddy voices and I’ll be thankful to them.

    Playing rock, paper, scissors to put the things I want to say is a show of my benevolence.

    First, I have to prepare myself before the real experience hits my feet.

    You can’t give everything in one fell swoop, it’s too boring.

    My reflexes are lacrimal glands.

    They’re able to sing with sorrow, for which I am grateful.

    It’s a sluggish, itchy, deeply subtle sensation.

    I had just laughed at so much nonsense.

    Anxiety that cannot be satisfied with food can result in an aging age.

    I’m so tired of his elves but can’t touch him.

    In my knees, I reach optimum health during a game.

    And its really nice.


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