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    When you’re traveling across planets in Starfield, you may feel a bit lonely and wish for a romantic partner. If this is you, you don’t have to worry! Romance is a component of Starfield, with at least four romanceable characters for you aboard your ship. Here’s everything you need to know!

    Are there Romance Options in Starfield?

    If you’re hoping to find yourself a special someone while you traverse the galaxy, you’re in luck. Starfield will support romance options, with an official confirmation from Bethesda via the Starfield Direct event. Not only will romance be available in Starfield, but Bethesda has even stated that romance will be complex and have nuances in terms of compatibility and interactions

    Who can you romance in Starfield?

    There have been four confirmed romance options in Starfield. All are members of Constellation, your onboard crew of supporters. Of those characters you can romance, three of their names have been confirmed:

    • Barrett
    • Sam Coe
    • Sarah Morgan
    • (Unnamed Constellation Member)

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    Will there be marriage in Starfield?

    There has been no confirmation of marriage in Starfield, but that doesn’t mean it is certain that marriage won’t be available. When looking at games like Skyrim and Fallout 4, you get a mixed bag on some allowing marriage while others don’t. That being said, marriage in Starfield has not been confirmed in any way by Bethesda.

    Can you have children in Starfield?

    There has been no word on children being an option via romance or even adoption in Starfield. While it is always possible that having children is added to the game, we don’t see this as being likely. This is because in a game like Starfield where space travel is the primary mode of gameplay, children would be quite an impractical addition.

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