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    mist pieceFormerly known as Project New World, it is a Roblox experience based on the One piece manga series. As such, the game features several ways to gain power by striking enemies, sailing the seas, and obtaining powerful swords and devil fruits to unleash your full potential. Additionally, there are several NPCs you can interact with to learn unique skills that will strengthen your arsenal. If you’re wondering where to find all the skill trainers in Haze Piece, you’re in the right place! In the following guide, I will tell you all the requirements and locations of the Skill Trainers in Haze Piece.

    Where to find all skill trainers in Haze Piece

    Quick Step

    Flash Step allows you to run to the desired location in the blink of an eye, making it appear as if the player has teleported. Flash Step’s range and cooldown depend on its level. To upgrade your Flash Step, you need to travel to different locations and purchase it from Flash Step Trainer. Here are all the locations where you can find Flash Step Trainer in Haze Piece:

    Level 1

    • Cost: $25,000
    • Range: 100
    • Cool down: 12 seconds
    • Location: Clown Town, north of Starter Island

    Level 2 (Level 600+)

    • Cost: $75,000
    • Range: 150
    • Cool down: 10 seconds
    • Location: The three islands

    Level 3 (Level 1500+)

    • Cost: $200,000
    • Range: 200
    • Cool down: 8 seconds
    • Location: Bubble Island

    walk through the sky

    The Sky Walk Trainer can be found inside the tall pillars near Starter Island, east of the docks. Learning this will allow you to jump multiple times while in the air.

    Level 0

    Level 1 (Level 1+)

    • Cost: $20,000
    • Geppo Limit: 3

    Level 2 (Level 500+)

    • Cost: $100,000
    • Geppo Limit: 5

    Level 3 (Level 1000+)

    • Cost: $200,000
    • Geppo Limit: 7

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    Buso Haki

    The Buso Haki Trainer allows you to deal damage to users of the Logia fruit.

    Level 1 (Level 350+)

    • Cost: $100,000
    • +5% sword and combat damage
    • Location: logue city

    Level 2 (Level 1150+)

    • Cost: $250,000
    • +7.5% sword and combat damage
    • Coach Location: logue city

    Observation Haki

    The Observation Haki allows the player to dodge attacks with ease. The Buso Haki trainer can be found once at Marine Base Spawn and then again at Bubble Island.

    Level 1 (Level 600+)

    • Cost: $150,000
    • Dodge Limit: 3
    • Coach Location: Marine base generation

    Level 2 (Level 1500+)

    • Cost: $200,000
    • Dodge Limit: 5
    • Coach Location: Bubble Island

    black leg style

    The Black Leg style focuses on fast attacks with high kicks and punches. The Black Leg Trainer at Haze Piece is located at the Sea Restaurant in Baratie,

    • Cost: $50,000
    • Location: Sea Restaurant, Baratie

    Gear 2 Yoka Trainer

    The Gear 2 trainer, named Yoka, is an NPC who sells Gear 2. Gear 2 is an essential item that helps you obtain Gear 4, which is the highest skill level in the game. Players must be level 750+ to purchase Gear 2 from Yoka.

    • Cost: $100,000
    • Location: Inside a hidden cave on Bubble Island

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