All SHiFT Codes in Tribes of Midgard (December 2022)


    Tribes of Midgard is one of the most popular survival crafting games to come out in 2021, largely due to the sheer number of features the game has. Tribes of Midgard features tons of crafting, survival base building, and a bit of Rouglite and ARPG elements. Furthermore, in the game, players play as Viking warriors trying to stop Ragnarok while fighting numerous creatures from Norse mythology.

    With that being said, here you will find the most up-to-date list of all the turn codes available when they are released for Tribes of Midgard. However, trade codes are rarely released for Tribes of Midgard, but when the codes do release they usually reward unique pets that follow you in the game or custom skins for various armor pieces like helmets etc.

    If you want some help in Tribes of Midgard while you wait for the codes, we recommend the following guides to help you in your quest for survival: The best ways to farm Golden Horns in Tribes of Midgard and how to get them, where to find them, and how to get all the resources in Tribes of Midgard, How to Get Selkie Flippers in Tribes of Midgard, and How to Make Yarn and Use it in Tribes of Midgard.

    List of turn codes of the tribes of Midgard

    Updated December 15, 2022

    Added a new code

    Shift codes of the Midgard tribes (in operation)

    Here’s a look at all the job codes for Tribes of Midgard:

    • W5RJB-CFWJ3-ZHZ35-J3J3J-FRHZF—Exchange for Maniklo’s Shield (New, expires January 3)

    Tribes of Midgard Shift Codes (Expired)

    These codes for Tribes of Midgard have expired and no longer work:

    • WKRJ3-R59F9-X993K-3T3TJ-5BCHW—Redeem for Linnorm’s costume
    • CKR3T-JCHXH-6ZZBK-B3BTJ-6ZCF9—Redeem for the Little Stranger pet
    • KCRJ3-HCH5F-TT3TJ-B3TJJ-XKJJ3—Redeem this code for a chicken pet portrait
    • 5K6TT-W5RTC-3T3BT-BJ3JT-HR5ZH—Redeem this code for an Allfather Yule Hat
    • WCFJB-CHKTW-BB3BT-BTJJT-CXT6J—Redeem this code for a Blue Bear pet
    • WW63B-JSW3C-BTBJ3-J3JBB-Z9JWC—Redeem this code for a Blue Bear pet

    How to redeem turn codes in Tribes of Midgard

    To redeem shift codes in Tribes of Midgard, you need to create a shift account and link the game and platform of your choice. If you are playing on a Steam account, you must link your Steam account. However, you must link your console account if you play on consoles. Linking any account is pretty straightforward; you need to log in to your platform via a popup window or via the website directly.

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    Once successfully linked, you can redeem any active and working code by visiting the rewards tab. In the rewards tab, copy the past codes into the input box and then hit redeem. After a while, your codes will be activated and any game items will appear in the game. Items are most likely skinsgolden horns, or even platinum coin.

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Where can I find the Tribes of Midgard turn codes?

    If you are hungry for codes for Tribes of Midgard, your best bet would be to check out the Shift Codes Twitter Bot Account or the Twitter account for Tribes of Midgard. In short, you can find ads whenever new codes are released on any of the social media accounts.

    Why aren’t my codes working for Tribes of Midgard?

    If you’re having trouble trying to redeem your codes through Shift, they’re most likely expired. In short, the developers rarely release Shift codes for Tribes of Midgard, and you’re most likely trying to redeem one of the only three codes they’ve ever released for the game. Because of this, we recommend checking all official channels, such as the Tribes of Midgard social media accounts, to stay up to date when new codes are released.

    What is The Tribes of Midgard about?

    Tribes of Midgard is a survival build Rougelite that features little ARPG elements. Players play as immortal Viking warriors on a quest to stop Ragnarok, fighting giant monsters like Jotuns. Players must also protect a village and a giant tree from hordes of enemies during horde nights and fight various Saga Bosses.

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