All Rogue Shinigami locations in Peroxide


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    Finding the location of a Rogue Shinigami in Peroxide can definitely be a challenging task if you’re unsure of where to look in the Roblox game. Whilst being quite a challenge to fight themselves, you won’t even be able to defeat a Rogue Soul Reaper if you can’t find it first. 

    So, let’s get into exactly where you can find all Rogue Shinigami locations in Peroxide, with step-by-step instructions on how to locate the Soul Reapers in the game

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    Rogue Shinigami locations in Peroxide

    Soul Society Route 1

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    To find the first Rogue Shinigami location in Peroxide, you will need to head to the Soul Society. Then, follow these simple steps: 

    • Make a U-turn
    • Walk up the ramp that should now be in front of you
    • Head through the woods until you find a Rogue Shinigami

    Rogue Shinigami are usually found roaming about these woods. Navigate the woods enough and you’ll soon find one. 

    Soul Society Route 2 

    Similarly to the first location, the second Rogue Shinigami spawn point in Peroxide can be also found in Soul Society. However, the instructions on where to find the Rogue Soul Reaper after spawning in Soul Society are a little bit different: 

    • Make a U-turn and turn left
    • Keep walking through the village
    • Move through the gap you’ll eventually find on the right 
    • You’ll find several buildings at the end of the path
    • Explore the buildings until you find Rogue Soul Reapers

    Keep in mind, however, that the Rogue Shinigami may not spawn right away at either location in Peroxide. If one can’t be found, we’d suggest either waiting for a while or even leaving and re-entering the area, as this will lead to at least one appearing eventually. 

    So, that’s everything you need to know about finding the Rogue Shinigami locations in Peroxide. For more guides, be sure to check out our Roblox homepage, or take a look at the Peroxide Trello and Discord links on how to get and use Product Essence in Peroxide.


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