All rabbit locations in Fallout 76


    The open world action RPG Fallout 76 is the prequel to the critically acclaimed Fallout series. Set 25 years after the great war, you play as a former resident of Vault 76 trying to make his way in the badlands of the Appalachian region. You will face all kinds of creatures affected by the Scorched Plague, including insects and huge mutated bats. While at the other end of the scale, you will also find mutated rabbits. If you need to find some, we’ve rounded up the best rabbit locations in Fallout 76.

    Fallout 76 rabbit locations

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    There are three places where rabbits can be reliably found in Fallout 76, all of which we’ve marked on the map above. You are likely looking for them to complete the daily quest. The Hop Hunter Challenge (Hunt Rabbits). While not aggressive, they can be frustrating to hunt due to their small size and the fact that they will flee at the first sight of combat. Here’s a bit more from each of the locations:

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    1. Whitespring Service Entrance: In the Whitespring Resort region. You will regularly find rabbits on the hill behind the service entrance area.
    2. Central Mountain Viewpoint: In the Savage Divide region. Directly east of Top of the World and Pleasant Valley Ski Resort, in the foothills.
    3. cave wendigo: In the Savage Divide region. If you don’t have any luck at Central Mountain Lookout, head directly north to the area around Wendigo Cave.

    If you don’t get enough rabbits in these three locations, we suggest you switch servers as these are the most reliable rabbit hunting locations. However, for a bit of variety, you may also want to look at the road heading northeast from Monongah Minethe tracks in sunnytop stationand southeast of cow spots dairy.

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