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    If you want to have some extras in it. Disney Dream Light Valley Premium Item Shop We’ve listed everything available this week, July 12.

    gave Disney Dream Light Valley The Shop is a place where you can exclusively purchase your hard-earned Moonstones. DisneyThemed furniture, player house skins and more!

    Below we have everything on offer this week as well as the best ways to earn Moonstones the game To keep you connected with the best products.

    Disney Dream Light Valley’s Premium Shop Items This Week (July 12)

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    This week, the beginning Wednesday, July 12players can find a large mix of themes on offer in the Premium Shop. Disney Dream Light Valley.

    A premium shop typically offers new home furnishings, clothing items, and furniture. This week does not disappoint!

    See below for a list of everything on offer and the price of each Moonstones item.

    Bundle or item name Price involved in
    Mike and Sully’s apartment 3,000 Moonstones A new player home skin that matches Mike and Sully’s apartment. Monster Inc.: A Movie Name.
    Minute set 1,200 Moonstones A headband and shirt set, with a blue and purple color scheme and mint chocolate themes.
    Divider shelf 1,200 Moonstones A bookshelf adorned with princess-themed accessories like a bonsai tree, knitting set, painting set and more.
    Kingdom of Corona set 1,200 Moonstones

    got confusedThemed furniture set including a chair, spindle, side table and pillar.

    Additionally, in the premium shop ‘Designer WALL-E Dream Bundle, available for 4,000 Moonstones.. It includes an exclusive quest, a new look for WALL-E, two costumes and other accessories. Take a look at the image below from the store to see what this bundle has to offer:

    Promo image from Disney Dreamlight Valley featuring the Designer WALL-E Dream Bundle.

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    Be sure to check what you’ll be able to buy next week.

    When does the Premium Shop reset at Disney Dream Light Valley?

    As per the fifth update to Disney Dream Light Valley, as detailed in their patch notes for ‘The Remembrance’, Premium Shop. Will now reset every week on Wednesdays at 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET / 2 PM BST.

    This means Valley residents have plenty of time to buy something from each weekly rotation – especially if you’re trying to save Moonstones from the latest Star Path.

    How to Buy Moonstones at Disney Dream Valley of Light

    To buy Moonstones, just follow these steps while in-game:

    • on the top right of your screen. An icon with three horizontal lines. Press the corresponding key displayed next to it.
    • In the following window that appears, Select ‘Shop’.
    • The left hand side will now be one ‘Moonstone’ Immediately – select it.
    • Click on the pack you want to buy, Select the ‘Price’ box. in the bottom right corner, and follow the on-screen prompts to complete your purchase.

    And that’s it! Now you’ll be able to enjoy your hard-earned Moonstones to buy that item you’ve been eyeing (or to activate Premium Starpath!).

    How to earn Moonstone for free in Disney Dream Light Valley.

    Moonstone chest in Dreamlight Valley, showing the player earning 50 for free.

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    While the option of buying premium currency is always there, Moonstones can be obtained for free. Disney Dream Light Valley – Although it will take some time to get the amount you want, especially if it is to buy something in the premium shop.

    You can earn them through gameplay in two main ways: by finding chests in the world, and through the Starpath as rewards.

    To earn the former, you have to. Find blue chests all over the world. One of them will be born one day, Giving you 50 free Moonstones.

    A Star Path – Disney Dream Light Valley’s version of Battle Pass – will also reward you with Moonstone rewards as you earn tokens by completing various tasks. It’s definitely doable to earn them without spending a dime – it just might take you a little longer overall.

    Moonstone Price List for Disney Dream Valley of Light

    A screenshot showing the prices of Moonstones for purchase in Disney Dream Light Valley's Premium Shop

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    As with many live service games, there’s an assortment of different Moonstone packs on offer at different prices, with the larger (and more expensive) packs offering a substantial bang for your buck.

    The available packs are:

    • Small Moonstone Pack (1,200): £4.49/$4.99
    • Regular Moonstone Pack (2,500): £6.99/$9.99
    • Large Moonstone Pack (5,500): £17.99/$19.99
    • Huge Moonstone Pack (14,500): £44.99/$49.99

    Here’s everything you need to know about the weekly rotation of items. Disney Dream Light Valleys Premium Shop. Be sure to check back weekly for the latest updates on what you can spend your hard-earned (or purchased) Moonstones on, or visit our Disney Dream Light Valley Homepage for the latest news and guides.


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