All Phasmophobia Level Unlocks (2023)


    Kinetic Games just released a massive update for Phasmophobia, which came with an overhaul of the reward, leveling, and prestige systems. A lot of items in Phasmophobia are level-locked, which means that certain items aren’t obtainable until you hit a specific level to unlock them. I’ve compiled a list below to tell you what these items are!

    New Phasmophobia Level Rewards

    Phasmophobia has received quite some changes to the leveling system. There is a prestige level and a regular level. By default, you start with Level 1 and Prestige 0. As you play the game, you level up and earn prestige. With this, you unlock plenty of equipment and maps that help your progression.

    Progression Rewards

    • Level 2
      • 10 Ridgeview Road
      • 42 Edgefield Road
      • Tripod
    • Level 4
      • Bleasdale Farmhouse
      • Grafton Farmhouse
      • Strong Flashlight
    • Level 5
    • Level 6
    • Level 7
    • Level 8
      • Head Mounted Camera
      • Sound Sensor
    • Level 9
    • Level 10
    • Level 11
    • Level 15
      • Prison
      • Professional Difficulty
    • Level 19
      • Camp Woodwind
      • Maple Lodge Campsite
    • Level 20
    • Level 22
      • Sunny Meadows Mental Institution
    • Level 50

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    You receive different amounts of XP depending on the difficulty of your gameplay. The more difficult, the higher the XP turnout. Which, in turn, means you level up quicker. Additionally, there are pieces of equipment that can be purchased with in-game money only after you hit a certain level.

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