All Phasmophobia Easter Egg Locations (2023)


    Phasmophobia, for the second year in a row, has released a special Egg Hunt update for the Easter season. This update includes a fun new feature where players can hunt for Easter eggs scattered across some of the game’s maps. If players manage to find all of the eggs, they will be rewarded with an Easter ’23 ID Badge and trophy. However, locating these eggs can be quite challenging. To help players out, we’ve created a guide that lists all the Phasmophobia Easter Egg locations, so you can collect them all and show your rewards to your friends.

    All Phasmophobia Easter Eggs for each map

    It is essential to locate all the easter eggs in order for them to count towards your progress in Phasmophobia. Fortunately, you don’t need to identify the type of ghost before you find it. We suggest prioritizing the search for the eggs when exploring a map during the event. Here are all the Easter Egg locations in Phasmophobia.

    All credits and thanks for the map images used in this article go to u/ghostlypublished in the Phasmophobia Reddit.

    All Tanglewood Drive Easter Egg Locations in Phasmophobia

    On Tanglewood Drive map 6, you are required to search for eggs on only two floors, with a total of 52 eggs available on this site. To begin the search for the initial set of eggs, it is recommended to start in the basement.

    Image via u/ghostly

    All Edgefield Road Easter Egg Locations in Phasmophobia

    To locate all 58 eggs at 42 Edgefield Road, you’ll need to search three floors. It is advisable to start by exploring the basement area to find the initial set of eggs.

    Image via u/ghostly

    All Willow Street Easter Egg Locations in Phasmophobia

    At 13 Willow Street, you can find all 47 eggs by checking just two floors, including some on the basement level.

    Image via u/ghostly

    All Ridgeview Court Easter Egg Locations in Phasmophobia

    To collect all 43 eggs at 10 Ridgeview Court, search three floors, with the basement being a good place to find them.

    Image via u/ghostly

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    All Bleasdale Farmhouse Easter Egg Locations in Phasmophobia

    In the Bleasdale Farmhouse map, you can locate eggs on three floors, with a total of 52 to search. Start on the first floor to find the first set of eggs.

    Image via u/ghostly

    All Camp Woodwind Easter Egg Locations in Phasmophobia

    With only one location open to search in Camp Woodwind, finding all 37 eggs should be relatively easy.

    Image via u/ghostly

    All Grafton Farmhouse Easter Egg Locations in Phasmophobia

    Grafton Farmhouse is the last place you’ll find eggs. You’ll need to search just two floors to find all 43, and it’s recommended to start on the first floor.

    Image via u/ghostly

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