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    Another week has come and gone, which means it’s time for another Pet Simulator X update! On April 15, 2023, Pet Simulator X launched its Mine update, which saw the addition of three new standard pets three new Huge Pets, a new Titanic pet, one new egg and a completely new area: the diamond mine. Continue reading below for a quick look at all the new pets, and be sure to claim them before April 22, 2023, when they’ll likely be gone forever!

    Pet Simulator X Mine Update List of Pets and Eggs

    The following list details all the pets and eggs added with the Mine update and how they can be obtained.

    ribbon egg

    • Price:
    • Location:
    • Pets:
      • spring bee
      • easter yeti
      • easter angelus
      • huge painted cat
      • Huge Easter Yeti (NEW!)

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    golden ribbon egg

    • Price:
    • Location:
    • Pets:
      • golden spring bee
      • easter golden yeti
      • Golden Easter Angelus
      • golden huge painted cat
      • Big Golden Easter Yeti (NEW!)

    crystal egg

    • Price:
    • Location:
    • Pets:
      • red stone cat
      • emerald monkey
      • amethyst dragon
      • Huge red stone cat
      • Huge Amethyst Dragon
      • titanic mystical corgi


    That’s it for our guide on all the pets added with the Mine update! What is your favorite? Do you already have any of them? Let us know in the comments below!

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