All Mythical Zoan Fruits Come From God Valley


This yr in One Piece, it was revealed that Luffy’s Devil Fruit was by no means the Paramecia-type Gomu Gomu no Mi, however somewhat the Zoan-type Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika. While this was already an enormous twist, it was made even larger with the information that this particular Zoan Devil Fruit was of the Mythical selection.

When it involves Devil Fruits, none are rarer than the Mythical Zoans, all of which grant their eaters the powers of some legendary creature or being. They are among the many strongest Devil Fruits within the franchise, with lots of the collection’ strongest characters having eaten them, most notably Kaido and Marco, in addition to the aforementioned Monkey D. Luffy. Since their introduction, they’ve turn out to be much more necessary to the plot, particularly throughout Wano, however sadly, they’re nonetheless as mysterious as they’re exhausting to accumulate. One idea, nevertheless, may provide a solution to that thriller.

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What Are Mythical Zoan Devil Fruits?

Mythical Zoan Devil Fruits are a novel sub-branch of the usual Zoan kind. Zoan Devil Fruits are the most typical in One Piece, granting people who eat them the flexibility to rework into no matter animal or creature corresponds to the particular fruit they’ve eaten, in addition to right into a type that is a hybrid of no matter species they’re and that creature. With sufficient follow and understanding, Zoan customers may even unlock or create new varieties except for the usual two they often get, as Tony Tony Chopper has proven since his introduction. It has additionally been said by the Gorosei that Zoan Devil Fruits, in contrast to both Logia or Paramecia sorts, have a will of their very own that is associated to no matter beast or being’s talents the fruit grants, making even the usual fashions particular.

Zoan Devil Fruits specifically are said to be excellent for fighters and martial artists, as they at all times improve the eater’s bodily talents in some method. This is why many of the bodily strongest characters in One Piece, comparable to Kaido and Rob Lucci, have Zoan powers. They had been already sturdy with out them, however their pure talents have been enhanced additional. While most Zoan Devil Fruits grant people who eat them the powers of “normal” creatures, like elephants and leopards, additionally they have rarer, extra highly effective sub-branches. The commonest of those can be the Ancient Zoans which, whereas far more elusive than the usual fashions, are considerably stronger and grant eaters the powers of prehistoric creatures, comparable to dinosaurs and mammoths. The overwhelming majority of those that have eaten such a Devil Fruit belong to the Beast Pirates, led by none apart from Kaido.

Speaking of the Yonko, Kaido’s Devil Fruit can also be a Zoan, particularly one of many Mythical department. Mythical Zoan Devil Fruits are the rarest in all of One Piece, much more so than Logias, and grant those that eat them powers far past simply reworking into an animal. Due to supernatural creatures and beings virtually at all times having some method of particular powers, these too are granted to Mythical Zoan eaters. Marco the Phoenix, for instance, would not simply flip right into a hen, however one fabricated from pure blue fireplace. While the flames from this kind do not burn individuals, they’ve therapeutic properties, very like that of the Phoenix his powers are primarily based on. In phrases of energy and flexibility, Mythical Zoans is perhaps stronger than every other kind of Devil Fruit, even the Logias.

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What Is God Valley?

God Valley is a spot within the One Piece world that has seemingly been erased from historical past. As the positioning of an occasion mostly known as the “God Valley Incident,” little or no apart from that’s identified to both followers of the collection or the characters on the earth. Since that occasion, many of the island’s historical past has been erased and has even been faraway from all maps. Based on conversations between Vice Admirals, 38 years earlier than the occasions of the manga/anime, the World Nobles and their slaves had been on that island for causes unknown. While there, the Celestial Dragons had been apparently attacked by the Rocks Pirates, a crew made up of bona fide legends. A battle ensued that required Monkey D. Garp and Gol D. Roger to workforce up with a purpose to deliver down the crew’s captain, Rocks D. Xebec.

Aside from that, virtually nothing is understood in regards to the island, regardless that that battle is what result in Garp gaining the title of “Hero of the Marines.” It is claimed by some characters that because of Xebec getting so near attaining his dream of worldwide domination in that battle, in an effort to keep away from any signal of weak spot, the World Government went out of its technique to erase or cowl up any details about that incident that wasn’t of their favor, even the very incident itself. Due to this, it’s nonetheless a thriller why the Celestial Dragons had been there and if the Rocks Pirates had every other purpose for being there except for attacking them.

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As unusual because it might sound, a new theory has been put forth that may clarify a deeper connection and motivation for all these characters being there on the similar time. The idea posits that God Valley is the house of Mythical Zoans and that the primary purpose Xebec was there was to seek out Luffy’s Devil Fruit, the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika. While this might sound outlandish at first, there are items of proof to assist this idea.

Probably the largest factor pointing to this being true is that many of the Mythical Zoan customers have some type of connection to the God Valley Incident, even when solely not directly. Kaido was a member of the Rocks Pirates, and in keeping with a flashback, he was given his Devil Fruit by Big Mom through the battle. While Marco wasn’t there himself, his late captain Whitebeard was, additionally as a member of the Rocks Pirates. Given how Marco was proven to be fairly younger and have his powers by the point Oden joined his crew, it would not be inconceivable to think about that Whitebeard obtained his fruit from the island. This might additionally clarify how the island received the title “God Valley,” as it might be the origin of all Mythical Zoans, together with these with the powers of precise gods.

The different side of this idea that might clarify some components of the occasion is that in keeping with the Gorosei, the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika is one thing of an arch-nemesis to the World Government and Celestial Dragons. With considered one of its previous customers having not too long ago been confirmed to be Joyboy, it is solely becoming that those that eat that Devil Fruit are likely to turn out to be their enemies. Considering Xebec’s final purpose was to overthrow and eradicate the Celestial Dragons to take over the world, as they themselves are implied to have executed 800 years prior, his trying to find the Nika Devil Fruit makes a number of sense.

Unfortunately, contemplating how little is understood in regards to the island or the incident, it is inconceivable to know in the mean time simply how true this idea is. The revelation about Luffy’s Devil Fruit and even the God Valley Incident itself solely occurred through the “Wano” arc, giving little or no time for the story to offer extra context, although when it has, one other new layer of data is at all times added, such because the reveal of Kaido’s Devil Fruit. Only time will inform if this idea will likely be confirmed proper, however given how One Piece is supposedly reaching its conclusion within the comparatively close to future, the wait will not be that for much longer — in all probability.

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