All monstrous camo challenges and rewards in MW2 and Warzone



    Diabolical Chemo Challenges is another installment of the Chemo Challenges that have become a tradition. MW2 And War Zone Mid-season content drop. This time around, a couple of Boys– Themed cameos are up for grabs. MW2 And War Zone. With that, let’s review all the diabolical chemo challenges. MW2 And War ZonePlus what rewards you can collect!

    All monstrous camo challenges in MW2 and Warzone

    Each weapon class in MW2 and Warzone has a diabolical camo challenge.

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    Below is a list of all Diabolical Chemo Challenges:

    • Assault rifles: Get 50 operator headshots.
    • Combat rifles: Hit 25 operator from behind.
    • SMGs: Get 250 operator kills.
    • Shotgun: Get 30 operator kills while hunting.
    • LMGs: Get 30 operator kills using a suppressor.
    • Marksman rifles: Get 30 operator kills while mounted.
    • Sniper rifles: Get three kills without dying ten times.
    • Side arms: Hit 50 enemy longshots.
    • Launcher: Kill 40 Operators.
    • Strife: Kill 30 enemies.

    Track your progress through the in-game event tab!

    How to complete diabolical camo challenges in MW2 and Warzone.

    If you want to complete diabolical camo challenges faster, avoid Warzone.

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    If your goal is to complete these challenges efficiently and as quickly as possible, we recommend playing multiplayer matches. MW2 finished War Zone.

    You can rack up tons of kills in multiplayer playlists like Shoot the Ship. War Zone, you encounter enemies less often – and they’re usually harder to defeat. Additionally, select diabolical camo challenges such as mounting 30 operator kills or getting three kills without dying ten times will be lost forever. War Zone.

    Another thing worth noting is that some pairs of diabolical camo challenges specify operator kills, while others simply call for enemy kills. If a challenge mentions enemy kills, that indicates that killing AI fighters counts too! This means you can easily complete sidearms and melee challenges in Invasion or DMZ.

    Rewards for completing diabolical camo challenges in MW2 and Warzone

    You get two camos and one weapon charm for completing all Diabolical Camo challenges in MW2 and Warzone.

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    Completing any of the Diabolical Camo challenges unlocks a unique gray camouflage for the respective weapon class. For example, completing the challenge to get 50 operator headshots with assault rifles will unlock this special camo for all assault rifles. MW2 And War Zone.

    Manage to complete all the Diabolical Camo challenges, and you’ll unlock a bright red universal camouflage that you can use on any and all weapons. MW2 And War Zone. Additionally, you’ll receive a special weapon charm to commemorate your efforts.

    Start grinding diabolical camo challenges. MW2 And War Zone When the mid-season content drop begins on 12 July 2023 at 5pm BST.

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