All Minecraft Mob Votes 2023


    Screenshot via Minecraft YouTube

    Minecraft Live is a special event, and my favorite part is Minecraft Mob Vote. Three Mobs compete annually to gather enough votes to join the game. The reveals of each Mob always excite me, which makes the lead-up to Minecraft Live very special. Let’s take a look at the three Mobs participating in Minecraft Live 2023 Mob Vote, which you can find in the Minecraft Youtube channel.

    All mobs in Minecraft Mob Vote 2023

    The Mob Vote in Minecraft allows players to vote between three different Mobs, and the winner is added to the game. The Sniffer claimed victory in the 2022 Minecraft Mob Vote, but it remains to be seen which Mob will win the 2023 Mob Vote. But first, you need to know what Mobs are in Minecraft 2023 Mob Vote.

    We will update this guide as Mobs are revealed.

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    Minecraft Crab

    The Crab was revealed as the first Mob in Minecraft Mob Vote on October 3, 2023. It can be found in Mangrove Swamps, and if players can get their hands on its claw, they will gain a special power. The Crab Claw item allows players to place blocks further away, which is very useful for large builds. While the crab claw is a useful item, you’ll also notice that the crabs wave with their giant claw!

    When is Minecraft Live 2023?

    Minecraft Live takes place in October 15th, 2023but voting begins 48 hours before the start of the show and ends 15 minutes before. Voting begins October 13., 2032at 5 pm UTC on the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition event server, Minecraft Launcher, or, giving players plenty of opportunities to vote for their favorite Mob.

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