All Martial Artist Movesets and Combos in The Strongest Battlegrounds


    Inspired by Suiryu, The Strongest Battlegrounds brought a new playable character known as Martial Artist as part of the Pyshic update. Of course, the character has a unique moveset, so here’s a look at the Martial Artist’s moveset followed by instructions for unlocking it.

    How to get a martial artist in The Strongest Battlegrounds

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    First of all, it’s important to note that Martial Artist is an early access character, so the only way to unlock him is by spending 299 Robux in The Strongest Battlefields. Start by launching the game in the Roblox player and click on the character option in the upper left corner of the screen. Finally, select Martial Artist from the list and complete the transaction to acquire this new playable character.

    Martial Artist Moveset and Combos Explained: Strongest Battlefields

    Martial Artist has the following moves and combos in The Strongest Battlegrounds:

    Barrage of bullets

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    Bullet Barrage is the initial attack, where the character performs a flurry of kicks to damage the opponent. Finishes with a punch that sends the opponent from the air to the ground for additional damage. This ability can be reused every 20 seconds and has a 15% area of ​​effect.

    Dash Kick (use twice)

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    The dash kick is unique among martial artist skills because it offers two variations. The initial version has the character run forward to kick the opponent. If you press the Key “2” twice, the second version activates, causing the character to perform a side spin before kicking the enemy. Both versions require a 20 second cooldown before they can be reused.

    whirlwind drop

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    As the name suggests, the martial artist jumps high into the air and executes a slam attack, similar to the first skill. However, he has a slightly shorter recovery period than 15 seconds and the best thing is that it cannot be blocked.

    Finally, it’s worth noting that the developers are planning to add more moves, as the Martial Artist is currently an early access character. It may also be free in a future update. However, for the moment, spending real money is the only option.

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