Naruto options some spectacular worldbuilding, and never only for the sake of the fight system. Naruto Uzumaki’s world is cut up right into a handful of main and minor nations, with every of the 5 main international locations having a hidden village as its capital, led by a politician-shinobi referred to as a Kage, or shadow.

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Each Kage is the final word governor and defender of their residence village, and this requires extraordinary management and diplomacy, not simply superior ninjutsu. Throughout Naruto, followers met a wide range of kage from the 5 main nations, and they are often ranked in line with their skills as leaders and the standard of their greatest selections or insurance policies. Some Kage had been merely competent, whereas others went above and past as legendary leaders.

10 Onoki Has Made Some Mistakes

Onoki is a troublesome outdated man who leads the Hidden Stone Village because the Third Tsuchikage. He actually has some strengths as a frontrunner, reminiscent of his in depth expertise in politics and fight, to not point out his charisma and dedication because the Stone Village’s chief. But he’s additionally deeply flawed.

Onoki has made some diplomatic blunders with different nations prior to now, and sometimes antagonized them and even employed Akatsuki terrorists to counter the rising energy of different international locations. He can be infamous for being an indecisive “fence-sitter” at instances, which isn’t a superb signal.

9 Rasa Also Made Some Serious Mistakes

Gaara’s father Rasa was the Fourth Kazekage, and he selected to aspect with an brazenly villainous particular person like Orochimaru to hurt the Hidden Leaf Village whereas boosting his personal village’s standing. Rasa thought he was being sensible, however this completely backfired on him.

Rasa’s actions led to his dying by the hands of Orochimaru himself, and the Sand Village misplaced many good shinobi within the ill-advised assault on the Hidden Leaf Village. Rasa additionally cared for his household and residential village, however he ended up making a monster when he put the one-tailed Shukaku into his youngest youngster, Gaara.

8 Tobirama Senju’s Hatred For Uchihas Was A Problem

The second Hokage, Tobirama Senju, was a stern and blunt fellow who did no matter was essential to get the job completed. This typically labored effectively, nevertheless it additionally restricted his charisma and he may solely encourage different individuals along with his self-discipline and actions, not his likability. Most different Kage are far more likable by comparability.

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On the plus aspect, Tobirama arrange most of the Hidden Leaf Village’s establishments such because the chunin exams, the academy, and even the army police. However, he deeply disliked the Uchiha clan and gave them the police position largely to watch them and hold them busy so that they could not trigger hassle.

7 Hiruzen Sarutobi Could Have Done More For Naruto Uzumaki

The third Hokage, the monkey-themed Hiruzen Sarutobi, went from Tobirama’s scholar to his successor, and at first, he appeared poised to grow to be the best Hokage of all time. He was a prodigy who knew all types of jutsu, incomes him the nickname “Professor.” But he made some miscalculations, too.

Hiruzen largely uncared for his successor’s orphan son Naruto as soon as Hiruzen resumed his position as Hokage, and plenty of Naruto followers rightly criticize him for that. He additionally allowed Orochimaru to grow to be the monster he’s right this moment, and ended up paying the final word worth for that afterward.

6 The Raikage Commanded The Entire Shinobi Coalition Against Madara

The imposing fourth Raikage, recognized just by the title A, has restricted diplomacy abilities and tact as a politician and world chief. During the Kage summit within the Land of Iron, he brazenly antagonized and criticized everybody else, typically fruitlessly, and he was extremely disruptive too.

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These are main strikes towards A, however he discovered methods to make up for it. A instructions the utter loyalty of all his followers, and most of all, he was the supreme chief of the complete shinobi coalition, that means he had 80,000 individuals underneath his command. Only a top-tier chief may have pulled that off.

5 Mei Terumi Is The Kind, Compassionate Mizukage

The charming, highly effective Fifth Mizukage is Mei Terumi who, not like her Raikage counterpart A, leads her village with compassion and beauty slightly than brute power. Mei Terumi has formidable charisma because the Mizukage, and better of all, she seeks to strengthen ties with all different nations.

The Hidden Mist Village had a foul fame for being the “bloody mist,” however Mei labored onerous to reform her village and mend ties with different international locations, which is deeply admirable on her half. She can be a courageous and succesful fighter, and he or she personally led the daimyo bodyguard unit within the Fourth Great Shinobi War.

4 Gaara Is The Young, Idealistic Kazekage

Gaara’s highway to turning into the fifth Kazekage was not straightforward. Despite being the fourth Kazekage’s son, Gaara was depressing and alienated from everybody else, being Shukaku’s broadly hated host. There was actually no nepotism on this household, however by Naruto Shippuden, Gaara had actually risen within the ranks.

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Gaara was clever and humble past his years as an adolescent Kage, and he did his greatest to maintain the opposite 4 Kage sincere and work towards world peace towards true evil. Gaara additionally led the big struggle regiment of the coalition, a critical job that no bizarre teenager may deal with.

3 Minato Namikaze Led His Village With Enthusiasm

Not lots is understood about Minato Namikaze’s tenure because the fourth Hokage, however it may be inferred that he was a extremely competent and beloved chief who made no critical errors because the Leaf Village’s #1 shinobi. He actually saved the village operating easily, and everybody has a excessive opinion of him, so clearly, he did numerous issues proper.

One fateful night time, when the Nine-Tailed fox Kurama attacked, alongside Obito, Minato took motion as a accountable, fearless Hokage. He bravely took on these highly effective foes and drove Obito away earlier than he sealed the fox into his new child son, guaranteeing the village’s survival at the price of his and Kushina’s lives.

2 Tsunade Protected Her Village From Pain’s Wrath

The fifth Hokage, girl Tsunade herself, did not even need the job at first. For years on finish, Tsunade was bitter and jaded concerning the ninja life-style after her youthful brother and lover each died, however after Orochimaru attacked, Tsunade rekindled her hope and assumed the mantle of Hokage.

Tsunade ran the Leaf Village with a good and regular hand, even when Danzo Shimura objected to her strategies and objectives. She additionally rallied all Leaf ninjas and led them within the determined protection of their residence village towards the mighty Pain, bravely shopping for time till Naruto may arrive.

1 Hashirama Senju Made History As A Leader

The mighty head of the Senju ninja clan helped make world historical past by forming a significant alliance with their former rivals, the Uchiha clan, to launch a terrific political experiment. Under Hashirama Senju’s clever management, the world’s first hidden village was based, combining many ninja clans right into a single political entity.

This helped finish an period of nonstop bloodshed, and Hashirama set a precedent for the way all Kage needs to be. His village wanted some fine-tuning underneath his brother Tobirama’s steerage, however given his historic accomplishment, knowledge, and stellar persona, Hashirama is clearly Naruto’s most interesting Kage of all.

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