All Honkai Star Rail Twitch Drops And How To Get Them


    Honkai: Star Rail Twitch Drops Event Begins April 26, 2023, to May 24, 2023, and rewards you with a large amount of in-game resources by watching your favorite streamers. Earn credits to upgrade, condensed ether to restore Trailblaze energy, star jades to warp your favorite characters, and more in this limited-time campaign.

    Before you begin, make sure you have downloaded Honkai: Star Rail and started playing. You can participate even without completing the tutorial.

    How to claim Twitch Drops rewards on Honkai Star Rail

    Start by going to the official page of the event to link your account. Scroll down and Click to login both Honkai: Star Rail (via his HoYoverse account) and Twitch. Make sure you select the correct server and character, as the rewards will be channeled to the account of your choice. Once you’re logged in to both platforms, click Link and activate Twitch Drops to start the event.

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    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Next, watch any Twitch stream tagged with Honkai: Star Rail. You will accumulate more rewards by watching more content! go to your Twitch Drop Inventory to view your progress and claim rewards. You can leave streams running in the background or overnight, so don’t miss your chance to gain an incredible edge in this resource-hungry game.

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