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    The abilities in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre game are what make the experience so unique and more challenging for all players. Not only do the main characters have abilities, but the special killer Grandpa NPC has abilities of his own as well. These abilities are unlocked as he is fed more in more during a round and can easily give the Family the upper hand. Take a look at all his abilities below and how to use them!

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre Grandpa Abilities

    Grandpa may not get around as well as he used to but don’t count him out of the hunt. He is still as blood-thirsty as always, and he can greatly assist in tracking down the Victims and making things as difficult as possible for them. You can get Grandpa’s abilities through each Family member’s skill tree and use your skill points to unlock them. Once Grandpa has been fed enough blood in a round, the ability will become active. Take a look at all the abilities below:

    All Grandpa Abilities in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    • Always in Sync: When active, the Family Focus ability duration is increased, and the cooldown is reduced
    • Animal Farm: Increases Chicken detection radius
    • Barge to the Point: Barging doors always opens them on the first try
    • Brute Strength: Slightly increases melee damage for all Family members
    • Don’t Have All Day: Stamina drain while sprinting is decreased by 20%
    • Excited Grandpa: Delay between Grandpa’s Sonar ability is reduced by 20% at each level
    • Experienced Stalkers: Reduces the Family’s proximity warning range for Victims
    • Exterior Alarms: When active, all critical doors and gates are highlighted for 5 seconds if opened
    • Nobody Escapes Hell: The minigame for locked doors is 40% more difficult for all Victims
    • Suffocating Grip: Close encounter minigame is easier by 20% for the Perk holder
    • Swinging for the Fences: Reduces stamina consumption on melee attacks by 20%
    • Well Fed Young’uns: Whenever Grandpa’s Sonar is activated, all Family members instantly regain 50 stamina
    • Well Well Well: Victims that jump down wells take 50% more damage
    • Windoom: Victims take 50% more damage when Jumping out of windows

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    How to equip Grandpa Abilities in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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    To equip Grandpa Abilities, head to the Customization menu from the main screen and then into any of the Family character loadout tabs. Under the Abilities and Perks section, you’ll find the Grandpa ability slot at the very end on the right side.

    Click on the diamond slot, and you can equip one of the abilities listed above once they are unlocked for you. This will allow you to have access to it in-game once Grandpa has been fed enough.

    How to use Grandpa Abilities in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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    Grandpa’s abilities can only become active once Grandpa has been fed enough. You can keep track on the right side of the screen where the Grandpa icon is shown. Once his hunger meter is high enough, it will fill the three ability diamond icons next to it. Your equipped Grandpa ability will be shown in the first diamond and your teammates’ in the others, and when they are filled, they will automatically activate. They will stay in play unless one of the Victims harms Grandpa.

    It’s very important to keep Grandpa fed as you play. He can greatly increase your chances of catching all the Victims before they escape, either by using his abilities or by detecting them wherever they are on the map. Ensure you unlock all his special abilities as well through the character’s skill trees.

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