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    Fortnite is the ultimate place for parties, with exciting events full of surprises on the map and missions to complete with special rewards. In addition to the weekly quests you may still be completing, you’ll want to jump into the Easter-themed celebration and collect the exclusive items while you can. Here are all the missions and rewards you can get in this Fortnite Spring Breakout event.

    All Spring Breakout challenges in Fortnite

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    Spring Bonus Goals

    These bonus goals help keep track of how many challenges you’ve completed overall and reward you with some cool items once you hit a milestone number:

    • Complete Spring Break Missions (12): Nannerbloom Hammer Harvesting Tool
    • Complete Spring Escape Missions (22): Fresh Flyer Glider

    Spring Break Challenges

    These challenges can be completed in stages, each requiring you to survive, collect eggs, and spend bars in more significant increments each time. Completing them will reward you with a large amount of XP for your Battlepass and will progress towards your Bonus Goal rewards.

    Gather Laid Eggs – 60K XP

    • Level 1 – Collect 10 laid eggs
    • Stage 2 Collect 20 laid eggs
    • stage 3 – Collect 30 laid eggs

    Spend Bars – 100K XP

    • Level 1 – Spend 400 gold bars
    • Stage 2 – Spend 800 gold bars
    • Stage 3 – Spend 1200 gold bars
    • Stage 4 – Spend 1600 gold bars
    • Stage 5 – Spend 2000 gold bars

    Survive the stages of the storm – 80K XP

    • Level 1 – Survive 10 storm phases
    • Stage 2 – Survive 20 storm phases
    • Stage 3 – Survive 30 storm phases
    • Stage 4 – Survive 40 storm phases

    Spring Breakout Daily Quests

    These missions will continue to drop until April 11 and will be random tasks, such as visiting certain locations and completing various objectives. They’ll reward you with any remaining Easter-themed prizes like BackBling, sprays, and more. We will continue to update this section as they are released in-game.

    • Visit cherry blossom exhibits (3): Bloomback Jacket Back Bling
    • Collect a golden egg (1): 20K XP
    • Hire a specialist character (1): 20K XP
    • Pick up an egg within 5 seconds of being laid by a chicken (1): 20K XP
    • Deal damage to players with a hired specialist character (50): 20K XP
    • Swim in the Steamy Springs Hot Springs (1): 20K XP
    • Deal damage to players under the effects of a Hoppy Egg (100): Shell Smash Sprayer
    • Give a command to a hired specialist character (1): 20K XP
    • Place Chicken Crossing signs in Frenzy Fields or Kenjutsu Crossing (4): The Works loading screen
    • Speak with a cluck (1): 20K XP

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    All Spring Breakout rewards

    Participating in Easter themed challenges will reward you with some unique items that you can use to spruce up your character for the holidays. To collect them all, you’ll need to come back every week to complete all the themed challenges.

    • Nannerbloom Hammer (Uncommon) Harvesting Tool
    • Fresh Flyer Glider (Uncommon)
    • Bloomback Coat (Uncommon) Back Bling
    • 40,000x Season XP
    • shell crush spray
    • The loading screen works
    • A spring break banner icon

    Join the holiday fun and complete this great set of challenges to claim all your exclusive prizes before they’re gone. Keep checking back to keep up with the daily quests and make sure you don’t miss out on any of the rewards.

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