All Fire Force Online subclasses explained



    All Fire Force Online subclasses explained

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    There are a number of subclasses in Fire Force Online, which dictate aspects of your kit and some abilities that you can use, so it’s worth learning the differences between them so you know which you want for your playstyle. 

    Fire Force Online is a Roblox game inspired by the manga and anime of the same name. The game is an RPG where you will complete quests and duel enemies in fast-paced battles. Part of the progression involves choosing a subclass to spec into, allowing you a bit more freedom when it comes to your moves. So, check out all the Fire Force Online subclasses below.

    Fire Force Online subclasses: Scientist

    a Scientist in Fire Force Online

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    Image via YouTube: ItzSmilez

    The Scientist relies on their learning to deceive enemies and damage them with special effects. 

    • Primary Ability: Bug Toss – Launch a bug at an opponent and apply a flame status to stun them
    • Special Feature: True Form – Transform into a state obtained through scientific research
    • Unique Ability: True Form M2 – Wield an ability connected with the current True Form you possess
    • Passive Trait: Compound Eye – Enhance dodge frames to improve defence

    Fire Force Online subclasses: Assassin

    The Assassin emphasises stealth, positioning, and agility to sneak in and deal high damage unnoticed.

    • Primary Ability: Disappearing Act – Throw a smoke bomb and disappear from sight
    • Special Feature: Inevitable Return – Teleport above an opponent and perform a down kick
    • Passive Trait: Backstabber – Deal double damage when striking an enemy from behind
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    Fire Force Online subclasses: Engineer

    The Engineer is a master of the machine, harnessing technology to damage enemies and support themselves.

    • Primary Ability: Deploy Turret – Spawn a turret that shoots nearby characters
    • Unique Ability: Extinguisher Grenade – Disarms any character caught in the blast radius, disabling their abilities
    • Passive Trait: Stim Kit – Boost all sources of regeneration and enhance survivability
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    Fire Force Online subclasses: Priest

    an image of a Priest in Fire Force Online

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    Image via YouTube: ItzSmilez

    The Priest is the principal support class, designed to help out others in battle.

    • Primary Ability: Safeguard – Resurrect a downed player
    • Special Ability: Purify – Restore HP to nearby allies
    • Passive Trait: Latom – Inflict increased damage against Infernal characters

    Fire Force Online subclasses: Berserker

    The Berserker is basically a barbarian, a damage-dealing, tanking brute who stays on the frontlines.

    • Primary Ability: Heavy Stomp – Slam your foot down and trigger three blasts with an explosive effect
    • Unique Ability: Battle Cry – Reduce incoming damage after letting out a roar
    • Passive Trait: Gank Buff – Amplifies attack power based on the amount of enemies in your proximity

    That’s our coverage of all the subclasses in Fire Force Online, and now you know what sets them apart, and the unique skills they all possess.

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