All Eagle Eye Quest Locations in Escape From Tarkov



    Several quests in Escape From Tarkov require players to find multiple locations. Finding these locations can prove tricky, as we learn while trying to complete the Eagle Eye quest. Luckily, we at MyFullGames detail all Eagle Eye locations in our guide. Here’s everything you need to know to complete the Eagle Eye Quest and find all quest locations. 

    All locations for Eagle Eye Quest – Escape From Tarkov (Shoreline)

    Players must find two separate SAS drives to complete the Eagle Eye quest in Escape From Tarkov. Players can find the two SAS drives on two crashed drones on the map Shoreline. Both crashed drones are located in the following locations marked below:

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    Screenshot by MyFullGames thanks to Map Genie.

    How to complete the Eagle Eye Quest in Escape From Tarkov

    Use the following steps to complete the Eagle Eye Quest in Escape From Tarkov:

    • Step one: Locate one of the crashed drones and find the flash drive.
    • Step two: Extract and turn it in after finding one flash drive.
    • Step three: Once you turn in one flash drive, repeat the same steps for the second crashed drone site. 

    Escape From Tarkov Eagle Eye Quest Rewards

    Players earn the following rewards when completing Eagle Eye in Tarkov:

    • SIG MPX 9×19 Submachine gun becomes buyable at Peacekeeper loyalty level two.
    • 6k EXP
    • One HAMR scope
    • One SpecterDR scope
    • +0.03 Peacekeeper rep
    • $945 with level one Intelligence Center.
    • $1k with two Intelligence Center.

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