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    Deep Rock Galactic is a first-person shooter where players go on expeditions into deep mines infested with hostile alien bugs. The game features a cooperative mode for 1 to 4 players; Therefore, it is based on teamwork and the roles assigned by the characters. Below, I explained all the character classes in Deep Rock Galactic and their abilities.

    All classes at Deep Rock Galactic

    In this game, you play as dwarves with special weapons and equipment designed to help you survive and mine minerals in deep enemy territories. There are four types of dwarves or character classes you can select from: Gunner, Scout, Driller, and Engineer. Each class has different types of equipment, but the pickaxe and high intensity flare are two basic equipment available to everyone.

    1. Gunner Class: Deep Rock Galactic

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    As his name implies, Gunner is a heavy-weapon-wielding frontline soldier who can effortlessly take down waves of enemies along the way. This includes a rapid-fire machine gun, a high-damage revolver, and sticky grenades. While the gunner is great at attacking, he is also the best at providing support thanks to his shield generator and zipline launcher.

    Below is all the equipment you can choose from while playing Gunner:

    • Primary weapon
      • Lead Storm Powered Machine Gun (default): This high rate of fire weapon has an activation period before which you cannot fire it; but once the shooting starts, you won’t have to worry about reloading for a long time, that is, until the machine gun overheats.
      • Thunderhead Heavy Autocannon: The autocannon has a slow rate of fire, but its high-caliber bullets deal a lot of damage, including explosive damage on impact.
      • Hurricane Guided Rocket System: Effective against hordes, use this weapon to fire a barrage of rockets and guide them manually using the laser designator.
    • secondary weapon
      • Bulldog Heavy Revolver (default): Fires high-damage bullets, but you must reload every four rounds.
      • BRT7 Burst Fire Gun: Think of it as a mini-SMG that fires in a burst of three bullets and is quite powerful.
      • ArmsKore Coil Gun: Load the shot by holding down the fire button and then release it to fire an extremely lethal shot.
    • Equipment
      • Shield Generator– Use this support tool in hectic situations when monsters invade you. Creates a spherical holographic shield that provides 50 percent damage resistance and keeps hostiles away until activated.
      • zip line launcher: If you find yourself stuck in a complex location, use this gun to shoot a zip line to the position you want to reach.
      • sticky grenade: This grenade sticks to the surface you throw it at and explodes shortly after. It is best against a group of enemies, especially large monsters.

    2. Scout Class – Deep Rock Galactic

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    Think of Scout as the agile dwarf who can reach difficult places to extract minerals and easily get out of complex situations, all thanks to his grappling hook. He also carries a flare gun that illuminates much better than the normal flares each character receives. It should be noted that his main weapon, the Deepcore GK2, is not that powerful and I constantly ran out of ammo while using it.

    Here are all the equipment and utilities available for Scout:

    • Primary weapon
      • GK2 Deep Core (default): Although this fully automatic assault rifle is very powerful, it is effective due to its fast reload speed and high rate of fire; just keep track of the ammo.
      • M1000 Classic: Made in remembrance of the M1 Garand, this is a reliable battle rifle with a single-shot mechanic; however, it enters an alternate shooting mode when you hold down the fire button. Bullets in this mode deal increased damage and have high accuracy, but cost two bullets per shot.
      • DRAK-25 plasma carbine: Based on an overheat mechanic similar to the Gunner’s Minigun, this weapon fires laser bullets at the target.
    • secondary weapon
      • Jury Rigged Boomstick (default): If you think Scout’s main pistol isn’t that powerful, you can switch to the double-barreled shotgun when you need serious firepower.
      • Zhukov NUK17: A reliable set of dual machine guns, or you can call them micro-SMGs.
      • Nishanka Boltshark X-80: This crossbow can fire high-impact recoverable bolts and you can even upgrade it to carry different types of bolts.
    • Equipment
      • Hook: Use this handy tool to fire a hook that can latch onto surfaces within range and pull you towards it. You can continue to hold the button to remain suspended and restrained for as long as you want.
      • Flare gun: Use to fire special flares that, unlike standard ones, last longer, burn brighter, and can even stick to vertical surfaces.
      • Inhibitory field generator: Creates a sphere that slows enemies trapped inside. Take this opportunity to decimate them or recover if you find yourself in a difficult situation.

    3. Driller Class – Deep Rock Galactic

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    Driller is a mining specialist who brings his flamethrower to the battlefield. What makes it great in mining is the electric drill that can be used to vigorously drill any surface. Satchel Charge’s usefulness always comes in handy when you want to trap monsters and blow them into pieces. Driller is good at mining and killing bugs, which is why he is my favorite class in Deep Rock Galactic.

    Let’s take a look at the equipment and weapons available to Driller:

    • Primary weapon
      • CRSPR flamethrower (default): Burn your enemies with this powerful weapon, but be aware of its short range. It is the best weapon to use when you are surrounded by enemies and want to eliminate them quickly.
      • cryogenic cannon: If you get bored of burning bugs, try freezing them with the Cryo Cannon. Best used with the Driller’s Impact Axe; First freeze the aliens and then kill them with the axe.
      • Corrosive slurry pump: Hold the fire button and release to fire a ball of toxic waste at enemies. They take damage over time and slow down, giving your teammates enough time to finish them off.
    • secondary weapon
      • Auction 120 (default) – A simple but reliable semi-automatic pistol.
      • Experimental plasma charger: EPC is also a semi-automatic pistol, but it fires plasma beams instead of bullets.
      • Colette Wave Pot: This weapon emits deadly microwave energy and works with the overheat mechanic so you don’t have to reload as often.
    • Equipment
      • Reinforced electric drills: Use these powerful drills to destroy the rocks in your path. What you can do with the pickaxe in a minute, you can do in seconds using this tool.
      • bag loading: A C4 charge that you can place on any surface and detonate when ready from a distance. You can rely on this to clear terrain and deal explosive damage to monsters.
      • impact ax: Retrievable throwing axes that are very effective against bugs and can take out the other little guy with a single hit.

    4. Engineer Class – Deep Rock Galactic

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    If tactical gaming is your thing, you have to try the Engineer dwarf. By default, he carries a shotgun and a grenade launcher, both very powerful weapons. If you want to defend an area from enemies or face an incoming wave, he places the sentry turret to do half the work for you. The engineer also carries the Platform Gun, a highly functional tool that you can use to create your own terrain and reach complex points.

    • Primary weapon
      • Warthog Auto 210 (default) – This semi-automatic shotgun comes with six rounds in the chamber and is among the best weapons in the game for close-range encounters.
      • Stubby voltaic submachine gun: A compact SMG with good damage potential and fast reload speed. What makes this weapon special is its electrical capability which makes the shots have a small chance of electrocuting the target.
      • LOK-1 Smart Rifle: A standard single-shot weapon, but when you hold down the fire button, it enters a special mode where you can lock onto targets even at a distance and fire powerful charged projectiles.
    • secondary weapon
      • 40mm Deep Core PGL (default): Fire devastating grenades at hordes and large monsters to eliminate them effortlessly.
      • gap cutter: This weapon fires plasma blades that travel in horizontal lines and deal damage over time. Plasma can pass through not only enemies but also surfaces to a certain extent.
      • Fragment diffractor: Sends powerful energy beams of infinite range capable of causing significant damage to even the largest alien monsters.
    • Equipment
      • Platform gun: Use it to create a small platform made of a special substance that can last forever unless you dig it up or expose it to fire. Build stairs using this and reach places you couldn’t otherwise.
      • LMG gun platform: A great support tool that you can place anywhere on the surface and it will help you fight waves of insects. It has a limited range and you will have to refill it with ammo when it runs out.
      • LURE: Throw this holographic decoy of a dwarf that attracts nearby enemies for a while and diverts their attention from you.

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