All DBD Twisted Masquerade 2024 Tryk Event Effects Explained


    It’s that time of year to celebrate the eighth anniversary of Dead by Daylight. If you’re playing the event and are confused about the random cards in the top left corner, check out the explanation of all Tryk effects from the DBD Twisted Masquerade 2024 event.

    All Bag of Tryks effects at Dead by Daylight 2024 Anniversary Event

    In addition to the usual invites you’ll find all over the map, there’s literally a wild card (or a whole set of them) that will change the pace of the game. This is a new anniversary mechanic brought to you by the mysterious host Tryks. Here are all the wildcard effects in the Dead by Daylight 2024 anniversary event.

    How to change Tryks in DBD Twisted Masquerade

    You cannot pick and change which Tryks are active in DBD Twisted Masquerade. When you start a trial, five Tryks will be randomly selected from the list above and one will take effect immediately. You must earn two points to be able to change the Tryk. You get one point for:

    • Repairing a generator as a Survivor.
    • Hook a survivor as an assassin.

    Once you trigger the endgame collapse by completing all the generators and opening an exit door, all of Tryks’ effects will be disabled.

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