All Crafting Recipes in Infinite Craft (June 2024)


    Infinite Craft is a fun little crafting game that allows users to craft items using simple ingredients or elements. While we cannot list infinite combinations, here are some of the coolest and most searched Crafting Recipes in Infinite Craft.

    Best Infinite Craft Recipes

    Indicative of its name, you can craft infinite stuff as you keep unlocking new components and combine them with the older ingredients in the game. Remember, there are multiple ways to obtain a particular item in Infinite Craft. We have mentioned some of the easiest methods for the recipes we have.

    A ton of our words aren’t on this page’s list either, but they are in a separate one. See Other Infinite Craft Recipe Guides down below! It’ll have complete lists of things like colors, countries, numbers, and more.

    Target Recipe Element 1 Element 2
    A Letter Sunflower
    Air Oxygen Oxygen
    Alimony Money Divorce
    Ash Fire Tree
    Adam Venus Mud
    Aloha Zen Hawaii
    Allergy Wave Sneeze
    Ancient Ruins Town
    Ark Noah Trump
    Athens Ancient Town
    Atlantis Palace Tsunami
    America Liberty Freedom
    Atlas Titan Earth
    Baby Family Human
    Bat Black Vampire
    Bear Cubs Cubs
    Battle War War
    Bacon Pig Fire
    Barbecue Fire Pork
    Berserker Viking Monster
    Barack Obama President
    Bestfriend Friendship Friendship
    Balloon Wind Wine
    Buddha Zen Ark
    Bonsai Japan Tree
    Boulder Stone Stone
    Blackbear Pirate Ship Time Travel
    Butter Toast Oil
    Bowser Mario Napoleon Complex
    Bride Wedding Beauty
    Bionic Bud Cyborg Weed
    Bruce Wayne Batman Alcohol
    Businessman Skyscraper Human
    Brick Clay Clay
    Boat Ship Ship
    Calm Peace Wind
    Cough Syrup Cough Alcohol
    Coral Seed Ocean
    Cambodia Country Angkor Wat
    Car Engine Plant
    Cold Color Blue
    Class Student Student
    Cake Butter Egg
    Cloud Smoke Smoke
    Captain Hook Pirate Dragon
    Cleopatra King Arthur Egypt
    Cologne Alcohol Perfume
    Country City Continent
    Cocoa Chocolate Soil
    Cigar Volcano Tobacco
    City House Town
    CD Fire Walkman
    Ceramic Clay Volcano
    Cinder Ash Dust
    Castle Stone House
    Clayton Tarzan Mud
    Clay Clayton Mud
    Cactus Desert Plant
    Crispy Meat Fire
    Cheetah Leopard Leopard
    Cupid Chocolate Angel
    Crocodile Alligator ??? Galaxy
    Cannon Fire Ship
    Croctaco Crocodile Taco
    Cheese Moon Mud
    Christmas Tree Sta
    Chimera Minotaur Centaur
    Cyborg Computer Android
    Chocolate Mud Rainforest
    Desk Table Table
    Dust Earth Wind
    Dandelion Plant Wind
    Donald Duck Duck Hot Air Balloon
    Death Star Star Wars Planet
    Desert Sand Sand
    Drawing Pencil Earth
    Dustpan Dust Pot
    Disney Magic Park
    Dracula Vampire Earth
    Dragon Swamp Fire
    Dumbledore Socrates Harry Potter
    Donkey Kong Oil
    Denmark Bacon Europe
    Dragon Ball Z Fight Anime
    Destruction City Godzilla
    Dream Surfer Sandman
    Electricity Windmill Wind
    Elon Musk Casino Tesla
    Eruption Volcano Lava
    Earthquake Tsunami Destruction
    Eden Garden Lily
    Emerald Oz City
    Empire State Building Kingkong Castle
    Empire Kong Empire State Building KingKong
    Enlightment Buddha Zen
    Energy Windmill Fire
    Eminem Wind Rapper
    Eve Adam Venus
    Emo Mermaid Goth
    Eurovision Japan Europe
    Eternity Time Europe
    Egyptian Sphinx Pyramid
    Explosion Energy Fire
    Farmer Man Earth
    Fight Battle War
    ??? Galaxy Trump America
    Fire Truck Firefighter Firefighter
    Flying Car Jet Engine
    Fishbowl Water Fish
    Flower Plant Rain
    Fortnite Castle Internet
    Fridge Cold Metal
    Fool Stupid King
    Frankenstein Swamp Electricity
    Facebook Social Network
    Fog Sneeze Cold
    Family Human Human
    Flood Rain Tornado
    Fireplace Fire Bush
    Forest Tree Tree
    Fuel Engine Food
    Fertility Magic Soil
    Frankenstein Swamp Electricity
    Fire Truck Firefighter Firefighter
    Freedom Liberty Liberty
    Frog Fish Swamp
    Greece Sparta Athens
    Galaxy Star Star
    Globe Atlas Earth
    Gambling Rockstar Vegas
    Gold Money Money
    Golem Empire Kong Mud
    Genie Princess Bottle
    Gorilla King Kong Tarzan
    Grumpy Sourpuss Snake
    Gamer Game Computer
    Giraffin Wall Giraffin Bond Great Wall of Dovahkiin
    Godzilla Dinosaur Japan
    Gohan Goku Mountain
    Gold Bar Gold Gold
    Gohan Goku Mountain
    Grim Reaper Death Death
    Hate Love Destruction
    Hacker Internet Computer
    Hangover Alcohol Fog
    Hamster Morning Mouse
    Hawaii Volcano America
    Harry Potter Owl Pegasus
    Harp Angel Music
    House Wall Brick
    Hercules Hydra Zeus
    Hibernation Bear Cave
    Happy Meal Hamburger French Fries
    Hip Hop Honey Pop
    Holy Water Water Wine
    Hot Air Balloon Dandelion Patch Steam
    Human Adam Eve
    Hurricane Pollen Allergy
    Honeycomb Honey Prison
    Hydra Dragon Monster
    Hulk Hogan America Wrestler
    Island Ocean Earth
    Igloo Island Ice
    Islam Obama Religion
    Iron Rust Rust
    Iran Country Caspian Sea
    Incense Fire Wind
    Jail Prison Prisoner
    Jailbird Bird Prison
    Jungle Forest Forest
    Jelly Peanut Butter Park
    Jet Plane Plane
    John Cena Wrestler Toilet
    Kaleidoscope Mirror Mirror
    King Palace Stupid
    Kingkong Tarzan Castle
    Kong Atlantis Gorilla
    Kaiju Tsunami Monster
    Kermit Miss Piggy Fight
    Knight Warrior Warrior
    Kindle Amazon Computer
    King Arthur Camelot Graveyard
    Kung Fu Goku Chinese
    Lake Water Water
    Lego Star Wars Brick
    Leaf Wind Tree
    Laser Lightning Bullet
    Lava Fire Earth
    Lens Fire Glass
    Luigi Mario Human
    Lily Flower Water
    Lebanon Cedar Country
    Lioness Lion Love
    Liberty Empire State Building Statue
    Lemon Fruit Fossil
    Loch Ness Swamp Atlantis
    Loch Ness Monster Boat Nessie
    Love Cupid Human
    Lil Wayne Rapper Fire
    Luffy Monkey One Piece
    Mangrove Tree Swamp
    Manga Book Japan
    Metal Rock Oxygen
    Madden Computer Football
    Meat Barbecue Food
    Metropolis City City
    Mexico Trump Wall
    Monkey D. Luffy Monkey Luffy
    Milk Toilet Cow
    Movie Popcorn Love
    Money Treasure Time
    Mud Earth Steam
    Medusa Mirror Stone
    Mule Donkey Farm
    Mistress Woman Mafia
    Meme Mold Internet
    Morning Hangover Night
    Monster Loch Ness Ocean
    Mine Iron Mountain
    Mud Rain Boulder
    Mirage Desert Ocean
    Multiverse Universe Universe
    Microscope Lens Swamp
    Mummy Egyptian Croctaco
    Nessie Loch Ness Monster
    Noah Obama Flood
    Nile River Reef
    Napoleon Europe Time Machine
    Nessie Loch Ness Monster Smoke
    Network Internet System
    Nut Squirrel Sun
    Naruto Anime Ninja
    Oxygen Rainforest Plant
    Ocean Flood Flood
    Omega Alpha War
    Oasis Desert Water
    Oil Fossil Earth
    Obama President Smoke
    Owl Bird Flashlight
    One Piece Anime Pirate
    Odyssey Homer Book
    Olympus Zeus Mountain
    Overwatch Blizzard Riot Games
    Paladin Knight Crusader
    Paris France City
    Patrick SpongeBob Love
    Palace Castle Castle
    Panda Black Pig
    Peace Aloha Buddha
    Parrot Bird Garden
    People Land POp
    Plant Earth Water
    Perfume Incense Water
    Penguin Antartica Island
    Peter Pan Captain Hook Fire
    Popcorn Butter Toast
    Palm Desert Tree
    Plato Socrates Atlantis
    Politics Plato Obama
    Postman Owl Harry Potter
    Paparazzi Stalker Movie
    Planet Earth Dust
    Pina Colada Alcohol Pineapple
    Pride Lion Lion
    Pie Apple America
    Pottery Ceramic Mud
    PlayStation Final Fantasy VII Software
    Philosophy Greece Plato
    Playboy Man Rabbit
    Popsicle Jelly Ice
    Pollution Smog Air
    Pottery Clay Coin
    Perfume Incense Water
    Pokémon Anime Fish
    Princess Mule Beauty
    President Trump Tarzan
    Pterodactyl Bird Dinosaur
    Psychopath Sicko Love
    Pyramid Sphinx Rock
    Quagmire Swamp Mud
    Queen Princess Crown
    Rainforest Rain Forest
    Rain Volcano Cloud
    Race Car Tire
    Rabbit Animal Dandelion
    Racecar Car Engine
    Rose Flower Beauty
    Racetrack Tire Race
    Rapper Human DJ
    Raphael Brick Ninja Turtle
    Radio Microscope Wave
    Reddit Boiling Frog Internet
    Rice Sushi Earth
    Rapunzel Princess Ruin
    Roblox Fortnite Program
    Rally Mud Car
    Rockstar Electric Guitar Conductor
    Reef Coral Coral
    Relic Antique Time
    Rubber Tire Racetrack
    Roll Sushi Seaweed
    Ruins Earthquake Town
    Rust Car Ash
    Rock Empire State Building Stone
    Sage Philosopher Wisdom
    Sphinx Statue Mummy
    Storm Rain Wind
    Sail Wind Ship
    Slavery Human Chain
    Satellite Rocket Rocket
    School Teacher Teacher
    Song Radio Music
    Star Planet Planet
    Student Child Knowledge
    Shark Fish Animal
    Santa Christmas Elder
    Shrek Ogre Plant
    Smoke Fire Cigar
    Sky Air Air
    Skeeter Mosquito Seaweed
    Ship Ark Ark
    Snowman Rain Yeti
    Simpson Family Anime
    Sparta War Athens
    Slingshot Weapon Stone
    Steam Water Fire
    Software System Computer
    South Africa Cape Town Africa
    Super Mario Mario Luigi
    South America North America Pangaea
    South Korea Country South
    Spain Sand Europe
    Soil Earth Ash
    Seaweed Tree Fish
    Sunrise Morning Mountain
    SpaceX Elon Musk Divorce
    Solar Sun Fire
    Sasuke Ninja Sword
    Sneeze Allergy Wind
    Statue Golem Stoneware
    Superman Goku America
    Snowman Rain Yeti
    Swamp Castle Mud
    Squid Kraken Water
    Sea Serpent Water Dragon
    Stoneware Pottery Boulder
    Sandbox Desert Software
    Stone Lava Water
    Science Hourglass Microscope
    Serial Killer Stalker Psychopath
    Stupid Donkey Cupid
    Squirrel Tree Mouse
    Sumo Mud USA
    Star Wars Star Lightsaber
    Shark Surfer Sea
    Steel Iron Iron
    Steampunk Planet Steam
    Swimming People Water
    Sashimi Sushi Rain
    Sinking Ship Loch Ness Monster Ship
    Titanic Sinking Ship Peace
    Therapist Doctor Devil
    Titanilla Titanic Godzilla
    Taxi New York Car
    Timebomb Clock Bomb
    Tesla Car Electricity
    Tornado Wind Wind
    Tiger Tiger Lily Love
    Taco Mexico ??? Galaxy
    Terrorist Bomb Freedom
    Toaster Robot Bread
    Tank Ship Tractor
    Town House House
    Train Steam Engine
    Tree Plant Plant
    Tobacco Fire Leaf
    Tea Plant Steam
    Tomb Mummy Earth
    Tarzan Jungle Cigar
    Titan Englightment Titanilla
    Telescope Moonstone Window
    Tree Earth Plant
    Tokyo Godzilla Island
    Tractor Mud Engine
    Trump America Mud
    Tsunami Water Tornado
    Utopia Planet Future
    Underworld Hades Hades
    Unicorn Godzilla Rainbow
    USA Earth America
    Vase Wedding Pottery
    Vacation Pina Colada Ocean
    Video Game Football Madden
    Vase House Pottery
    Vomit Burnt Toast Sick
    Volcano Lava Lava
    Vintage Time Wine
    Vikings Land Fjord
    Venus Planet Fog
    Wormhole Black Hole Black Home
    Walkman Radio Transistor
    Window Glass Glass
    Wood Forest Tree
    Wedding Ring Iron Marriage
    Witch Hut Witch Witch
    Wolf Animal Forest
    Wind Farm Windmill Windmill
    World Globe Earth
    War Politics Destruction
    Wrapper Chocolate Paper
    Waterfall Mountain Rain
    Wall Brick Brick
    Xbox PlayStation Poor
    Yoshi Mario Dinosaur
    Yeti Blizzard Monster
    Yogurt Bacteria Milk
    YouTube Geysir Internet
    Zambia Africa Victoria Falls
    Zebra Stripes Stripes
    Zombie Human Explosion
    Zen Philosophy Earthquake
    Zookeeper Zoo Star
    TV Screen Screen
    Screen Computer Glass

    Other Infinite Craft Recipe Guides

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    How to play Infinite Craft

    At the current moment, Infinite Craft only has a browser version. You can play Infinite Craft through the developer’s website. Also, you can access and play hundreds of other personal games of the developer.

    How to craft in Infinite Craft

    Infinite Craft does not have complex crafting like other modern AAA games. After opening the game on your browser, you will find four elements: WaterFireWind, and Earth. Drag any two icons to the screen at the center and place them one over the other to create a new item. For example, if you keep the Water and Wind icon over one another in an overlapping way, you will craft a Wave.

    How many items can you craft in Infinite Craft?

    As mentioned earlier, you can craft infinite items in the game. There are no limitations to your creativity, as you can produce new items when you mix and match old ones. For example, if you mix Fire and Earth, you will create Lava. When you add Wind to Lava, you will get a Volcano. Like this, you can go on creating new stuff on and on.

    How was Infinite Craft made?

    The developer, Neal Agarwal, states that the game uses the Together AI. Being a generative language model, it enables an infinite chain of combinations as you mix and match old elements with new entities.  

    What is your favorite recipe in Infinite Craft? Let us know in the comments!

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