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    Similar to Aura Craft, Aura Infinite is an aura crafting game in Roblox where you have to mix and match items to create a new one. While creating new auras is easy at first, it becomes incredibly challenging as advanced items don’t mix and you have to guess a lot to create new ones. To avoid this, here is a guide containing all the aura recipes in Aura Infinite.

    All Aura recipes in Roblox Aura Infinite

    There are almost 800 recipes in the game and I have tried to list them all below.

    Target Aura Element 1 Element 2
    Atomic bomb Burst Energy
    atmosphere Air Planet
    Beach Sand Water
    Binoculars Glasses Glasses
    Brick Mud Fire
    Chimney Smoke Brick
    City Home Home
    Continent Land Land
    Desert Sand Sand
    Dune Wind Sand
    Dust Air Land
    Earthquake Energy Land
    Energy Fire Fire
    Burst Gunpowder Fire
    Galaxy Solar system Solar system
    galaxy cluster Galaxy gaalxy
    Glass Sand Fire
    Glasses Glass Glass
    Gunpowder Fire Dust
    Home Wall Wall
    Hourglass Sand Glass
    Land Land Land
    Lake Pond Pond
    Wash Land Fire
    Fog Air Water
    Moon Planet Stone
    Mud Land Water
    Oasis Desert Water
    Ocean Sea Sea
    Pond Puddle Puddle
    Planet Ocean Continent
    Pressure Ocean Ocean
    primordial soup Ocean Planet
    Puddle Water Water
    Salt Ocean Fire
    Sand Stone Air
    Sandstorm Desert Wind
    Sea Lake Lake
    Smoke Air Fire
    Solar system Planet Planet
    Sound Wave Air
    Steam Wash Water
    Stone Land Pressure
    Telescope Moon Glass
    Twister Wind Wind
    Universe galaxy cluster galaxy cluster
    Village Home Home
    Wall Brick Brick
    Wave Ocean Wind
    Wind Pressure Wind

    Note:- This guide is a work in progress. We constantly update the article with new Auras as we discover new recipes. Share any recipes you find in the comments section.

    How to create Auras in Roblox Aura Infinite

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Creating auras in Aura Infinite is a simple task. You start with four elements: Water, Air, Landand Fire. Take any two elements on the screen and mix them to create new ones. For example, if you mix Earth + Fire, you will generate Lava, which can then be combined with other elements on the screen to create more Auras.

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