All Brawlers ranked from best to worst


    If you’re unsure of which Brawlers are the best to choose from in Brawl Stars, we’ve got a tier list to help you decide which characters you’ll want to take into your next game.

    Brawl Stars is a popular mobile fighting battle royale game that gives you the choice of plenty of unique characters. Not all Brawlers are made equal though, so it’s worth learning the current meta quickly to find out which characters will ensure you win those all-important matches.

    So, read on for the full breakdown of our Brawl Stars character tier list for August 2023.

    Brawl Stars tier list (August 2023)

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    In the below table, you’ll find each of Brawl Star’s characters divided up into rankings from the S-tier through to the D-tier. The rankings of each character listed in each tier may change over time with updates and balance changes to the game, placing your favourite further down in the meta than where they previously sat – or vice versa!

    As these changes occur, we’ll be sure to update you right here – so check back regularly for all of the latest meta changes.

    When jumping into your next game, consider taking those in the S and A-tier wherever possible, as they’ll be best suited towards ensuring you have the best chances possible:

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    Cordelius, Crow, Maisie, Meg, Mr P, R-T, Sam, Squeak


    Ash, Belle, Bo, Bonnie, Buster, Buzz, Colette, Eve, Gene, Gray, Grom, Gus, Mandy, Max, Nita, Otis, Poco, Ruffs, Sandy, Shelly, Sprout, Stu, Tara, Willow


    8-Bit, Amber, Bea, Brock, Carl, Chester, Colt, Darryl, Dynamike, EMZ, El Primo, Fang, Gale, Griff, Jacky, Janet, Jessie, Leon, Lola, Lou, Nani, Pam, Penny, Piper, Poco, Spike, Surge, Tick


    BB, Barley, Bryon, Edgar, Rico, Rosa


    Bull, Hank, Frank, Mortis

    As shown above, Brawlers like Cordelius, Maisie, and Squeak¬†are some of your best overall bets, but Ash, Gene, and Nitai are still viable choices. Your fights in Brawl Stars have the potential to go down to the fine margins, so you want to make sure that you’re best equipped to deal with any opponent.

    So, that wraps up our tier list recommendations for the best Brawlers to use in Brawl Stars in August 2023, giving you all of the details surrounding the meta characters available in the game right now.

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