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    Sometimes, you would have traveled through several dangerous islands and treacherous terrain only to find that the boss was missing from the location. To avoid this headache, I recommend using this boss respawn times guide to travel at the exact moment and confront the evil boss that rules that island in GPO.

    When do all bosses respawn in Grand Piece Online (GPO)?

    Below I have mentioned all the boss respawn times in Grand Piece Online and the location where they appear on the island.

    Maritime event bosses

    Boss Location Respawn Time
    Hawk Eye Second Sea Every 120 minutes
    Roger Second Sea Every 90 minutes

    regular bosses

    Boss Location Respawn Time Major boss drop
    bandit boss beginning town Every 40 seconds bandit patch
    Lucid sandora every 10 minutes Bazooka
    Logan Hand Ax Shell Village every 10 minutes Metal jaw
    star clown orange city every 10 minutes Buggy Cape
    arlong shark park Every 9 minutes Kiribachi
    Gorilla Sphinx Island every 5 minutes Gorilla King Crown
    main guardian sky castle Every 5 to 10 minutes Sky blue katana, guardian helmet
    bruno The tree every 10 minutes Burn bazooka
    malcolm sky castle Every 5 to 15 minutes Shotgun
    in it golden city Every 15 minutes Golden staff, Tomoe drums
    I gravitate Gravito Fort every 12 minutes Cape Gravito. Gravity blade, hoverboard
    ryu Ryu Palace Every 5 to 15 minutes Shark necklace, Ryu’s sword
    Neptune Neptune’s Throne every 10 minutes Neptune’s Crown, Trident
    Flame Admiral Marine Base G-1 every 10 minutes Essence of Fire, Navy Captain’s Cloak
    captain zhen Marine Base G-1 Every 15 minutes Captain Zhen’s Cape, Bisento
    King Crab Cho crab cave every 10 minutes Cho Crown, Crab Cut Crystal
    pharaoh akshan pharaoh’s castle A stranger Golden Hook, Pharaoh Akshan’s Cloak
    Musashi Sashi Island Always available Mushashi Hat, Pink Katana, Karuta and Crimson Katana
    ryuma Bark of suspense Every 10 to 15 minutes Ryuma’s Soul, Scarf, Outfit, and Shushi
    borj Bark of suspense Every 10 minutes 20 seconds Borj’s Armor, Knight’s Gauntlet
    I died Bark of suspense Defeat boss Ryuma and Borj. Moria’s Necklace, Top Hat, Swarm of Bats, Suit, Scissors
    king’s soul Soul King Ship Every 60 minutes Soul King Tophat, Outfit, Violin, Shadows, Scarf
    Pica pink kingdom Kill the 4 members of the Donmigo family. Pike Helmet, Armor, Smash
    Donmigo pink kingdom 15 minutes after killing Pico Donmigo’s Shadows, Cloak, Outfit, and Kikou
    Law Factory Alert level 4 about factory assault Law’s cape, cap, outfit, and open fight
    Lucy Raid on the Colosseum Tenth generation boss in the Colosseum fight Lucy’s helmet, cape and costume

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