All Armored Core 6 pre-order bonuses and edition comparisons


    Armored Core 6 is quickly approaching, and like many games released these days there will be some bonuses for pre-ordering. Here’s what you’ll get if you decide to pre-order Armored Core 6.

    Armored Core 6 pre-order bonuses

    Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon releases August 25, so time is rapidly running out if you’re planning on pre-ordering. Perhaps in an attempt to sway you from waiting until official release day, From Software is dangling some goodies. If you pre-order, you’ll unlock the Melander C3 G13 Special Customisation “Tenderfoot.” Here’s the full breakdown of what you’ll get.
    • MELANDER C3 parts set (early unlock)
    • Emblem (early unlock)
    • Exclusive AC Decal

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    A game centered around mechs can always benefit by having more styles to throw on, and that’s what you’ll be getting with a pre-order. It’s not going to be anything game-changing, but if you’re planning on getting the game anyways you might as well grab it and get an extra skin.

    What are the Armored Core 6 editions?

    There’s a simple standard edition that comes with just the game, but there are some other editions to be aware of. The Digital Deluxe Edition will come with a digital artbook and soundtrack. The Collector’s Edition comes with a steelbook case, 19 cm figure, badges, stickers, and a 40-page artbook. The Premium Edition comes with all that along with a 32 cm garage for your figure.

    It’ll be hard to get your hands on the Premium and Collector’s Editions at this point, so you may have to settle for the Deluxe or Standard versions. Just keep an eye out and join the waitlist if you can. These versions are available across Xbox, PS5, PS4, and PC.

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