All admin commands in Murder Mystery 2 (troll commands)


    Besides playing loud music in front of your opponent as Killer, one of the best ways to troll your opponents is by using admin commands, especially those that can modify the physical characteristics of any player on the server. So if you are looking for some administration commands in MM2, here is a list to explore.

    All admin commands in Roblox MM2

    Below you can find all the management commands in MM2 and how they affect the game. I have also given examples to make it easier to run from the console panel.

    • /e grow (username)
      • Description: Increases the length of the physical model of the player’s avatar.
      • Example: /e we grow ranyel
    • /e flamenco(username)
      • Description: Changes the player’s model to a flamingo.
      • Example: /e flamenco ranyel
    • /e duck (username)
      • Description: Changes the player’s model to a duck.
      • Example: /e ranyel duck
    • /e sit (username)
      • Description: Makes the prescribed player feel
      • Example: /e sit ranyel
    • /e small head (username)
      • Description: Reduces the size of the player’s head.
      • Example: /e ranyel small head
    • /e viewer (username)
      • Description: Follow the movement of any player.
      • Example: /e spectate ranyel
    • /e carrot (username)
      • Description: Changes the player’s model to a carrot.
      • Example: /e ranyel carrot
    • /e banana (username)
      • Description: Changes the player’s model to a banana.
      • Example: /e ranyel banana
    • /e reduce (username)
      • Description: Decreases the size of the player model.
      • Example: /e shrink ranyel
    • /e pumpkin (username)
      • Description: You can immediately smash the player to eliminate them.
      • Example: /e pumpkin ranyel
    • /e bighead (username)
      • Description: Increases the size of the player’s head.
      • Example: /e ranyel Cabezona
    • /e star(username)
      • Description: Changes the player’s model to a star.
      • Example: /e ranyel star
    • /e shines (username)
      • Description: This command makes the player extremely bright and produces flashes.
      • Example: /e shine ranyel
    • /e morph (username)
      • Description: You can copy any player’s clothing and imitate them. The next command will make Ranyel copy Ricky’s clothes.
      • Example: /e morph ranyel

    Using commands in Murder Mystery 2 (MM2)

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    By default, you cannot use these commands in Murder Mystery 2 unless you get permission from the developers. Enjoy the MM2 Discord Channel and ping any of the members with the Community Members role. Talk to them and they will give your ID special permission to use these commands on private servers. Tell them you want to host a fun MM2 tournament or you want to record fun videos for YT. Convince them and you will get permission. That’s all! Once you get permission, start a custom game on private servers and type these commands in the server chat window to execute these functions.

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