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    Regardless of the exosuit classes you choose to play in Exoprimal, you’ll still be able to rack up some trophies and achievements by completing various in-game tasks and challenges. I don’t know about you, but no matter what I’m playing, I like to try to get it to 100% completion, and these achievements not only look great for your gamer score, they also help you keep track of your progress. Take a look at all the ones you can earn and how to get them below.

    Exoprimal Trophy and Achievement Guide: All Unlock Requirements

    There is 39 achievements in total to collect in Exoprimal so far. These can be earned in a number of different ways as you play the game, such as reaching certain levels, unlocking different items and characters, and defeating a certain number of enemies. Here’s a guide on how to get them all:

    • Welcome to Aibius: Complete the walkthrough
    • Research Center: Return from Dino Survival mode for the first time
    • Good news!: See a report from Leviathan
    • magnum research: Help with Magnum Research (Story)
    • Get to know Durban: Defeat a powerful Neosaurus
    • durban trial: Survive a combat test in the abyss
    • man in the machine: Witness the abnormality of Leviathan (Story)
    • Award-winning research topics: Defeat Durban (Secret)
    • peerless shooter: Defeat 1000 dinosaurs with Deadeye
    • riding the wind: Defeat 1000 dinosaurs with Zephyr
    • highly explosive: Defeat 1000 dinosaurs with Barrage
    • Battlefield Reconnaissance: Defeat 1000 dinosaurs with Vigilant
    • Dead end: Block a total of 10,000 damage with Roadblock
    • Mission accomplished: Block a total of 10,000 damage with Krieger
    • mechanical bushido: Block a total of 10,000 damage with Murasame

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    • healing practices: Repair a total of 10,000 health with Witchdoctor
    • ruler of the skies: Repair a total of 10,000 health with Skywave
    • dangerous skater: Repair a total of 10,000 health with Nimbus
    • spear stopper: Stop a charge of Triceratops with Roadblock
    • no more carnivore: Defeat a Carnotaurus
    • shield killer: Defeat a Triceratops
    • a new tyrant: Defeat a Tyrannosaurus Rex
    • Ancient problems, modern solutions: Defeat a large number of dinosaurs summoned by Leviathan
    • Cretaceous eradicator: Eliminate a total of 100,000 dinosaurs
    • dinosaur controller: Use a Dominator for the first time
    • Increased threat level: Experience a dinosaur update for the first time
    • A sample of costumes: Try a total of ten different Exosuits
    • shapeshifter: Be victorious using five different exosuits in Dino Survival
    • No exosuit? No problem: Eliminate 20 dinosaurs as a pilot in a single game (Secret)
    • Exosuit Developer: Customize the Vigilant, Murasame and Nimbus exosuits in the hangar
    • arms seller: Unlock three Rigs
    • Decisions decisions: Equip a Module for the first time
    • exosuit researcher: Get 50 modules
    • one small step: Increase the level of your Suit for the first time
    • ace pilot: Reach suit level 10 with ten exosuits.
    • Exolucher’s Honor: Equip a prize for the first time
    • trendy but deadly: Place an outfit skin, weapon skin, decal, and charm on a single exosuit
    • Escape route: Check missing date for the first time
    • Whatever they won’t see coming: Escape from Bikitopia (Secret)

    These are currently all the achievements you can complete in Exoprimal right now. More might be added in the future as the game expands or gets new content, so keep checking back to stay updated.

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