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All Achievements and How to Obtain Them in Potionomics


Steam achievements go a long way in tracking and celebrating the near completion of any game in your digital library. Here’s everything you need to know about Potionomics Steam achievements.

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Potionomics was released on October 17, and like most titles available on Steam, the game comes with achievements. As one of the best indicators of fully completing a game in your Steam library, Potionomics achievements count its preparation, customization, friendship/romance, haggling, and competition aspects as milestones worth experiencing and unlocking.

There are a total of 30 achievements in Potionomics for Steam. Only three are hidden achievements, listed at the bottom of our list. Here we’ve noted what the achievement title and subtitle for each are along with some general advice to help you get them in your own game file.

All achievements and how to get them in Potionomics

  1. Contractual obligations – Obtained by completing the first narrative time in the game
  2. Roxanne’s Ruin – Beat Roxanne
  3. Corsac’s desert – Beat Corsac
  4. Chief Finn’s Bane – Beat the boss Finn
  5. Anubia’s Annihilator – Defeat Anubia
  6. brought down the monarch – Beat Robin
  7. do not answer – Beat an opponent who has a potion that triggered the failsafe (do this by creating a potion with a higher base price compared to competing vendors in any competition)
  8. out of debt – Win the game
  9. broke – Have 0 money in the bank (the fastest way is to spend any value during trips to the other characters; spend a little, preferably early in the game on Mint’s quests and Quinn’s shop)
  10. silly change – Collect a small amount of money (500 in Wallet)
  11. Pocket money – Collect a medium amount of money (2500 in Wallet)
  12. Bucks – Collect a large amount of money (10000 in Wallet)
  13. potion maker – Create 100 potions
  14. potions master – Create 300 potions
  15. recipe for success – Make a level 6 potion
  16. I have to mix them all – Make all level 6 potions
  17. a taste of success – Expand 30 Ingredients in one game
  18. An appetite for business – Expand 60 Ingredients in one game
  19. A glutton for trade – Expand 100 Ingredients in one game
  20. joined at the hip – Max out a relationship with a character (always max out any number of relationships by gifting characters their favorite item types)
  21. Flesh and Bone – Max the relationship with 3 characters in a game
  22. peas in a pod – Max the relationship with 7 characters in a game
  23. birds of the same plumage – Max the relationship with 10 characters in a game
  24. Love potion – you date a character romantically
  25. Just friends – you reject a character romantically
  26. stormed the castle – Complete the Maven’s Tower adventure area
  27. fixed top – Full upgrade store
  28. Right tools for the job – Fully upgrade any Cauldron or Shelf
  29. stress test – Stress Sylvia to the max (reach 100% stress level on any given day/transaction; make sure you immediately relax by hanging out with the other characters or even reloading an old save file)
  30. pest intentions – Give a bug to Luna

That’s all you need to know about Potionomics and its achievements on Steam. Simple, right? Get to 100% game now!

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