Age of Empires IV How To Delete Multiple Saved Games

You don’t have to delete saves in-game. Follow this file path to delete everything all at once.

File Path and and Explanation

Documents \ My Games \ Age of Empires IV \ Users \ (long number) \ Savegames \ AutoSave

If you’ve played the campaigns, you’ve probably noticed that they have a tendency to autosave every time you do something significant. While you can delete them in-game, doing so for the amount of saved games across all the campaigns would take forever. These saved games are not found by using Steam’s ‘Browse Local Files’ button, but in your documents folder as seen above. Here, you can select all of the saved games and delete them at once. The file sizes for these games are pretty large, too. I cleared out over a gigabyte even though I’ve only done the English and French campaigns so far. Hope this helps someone save a bit of time.

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