Age of Empires IV Detailed Delhi Guide

Delhi is considered weak. However they are secretely a very powerful underdog who can become a real nightmare to anyone.

A powerful underdog

1. The first step involves sending all villagers, except one, towards the sheep.

2. That one villager needs to build a mosque and a mill next to the berries.

3. After that drop a house and a lumberjack .

4. keep 4 villagers gathering food from berries, 3 food from sheep and 3 on wood, Always keep

scouting to see what the enemy does, never stop producing villagers.

5. Drop a mining camp and send 3-4 villagers to gather gold.

6. Start progressing to feudal age, do not hesitate using villagers who gater wood and gold for building the monument. Preferably build the monument that gives you cheaper scholars.

7. Focus on Food and Gold but also keep some villagers gathering wood so that you can build at least two archeries, an additional mosque, two blacksmiths and maybe one baracks.

8. Once you have enough ressources, progress to castle age. I recommend the monument with the additional technology. You should reach castle age by 11 minutes mark.

9. Keep pumping food and gold, build a second goldmine and a second mill next to other berries


11. Prerferably build 2-3 of them, but if you have 4 the better. Dont foget to send some spearmen with them

12. Crush the Mongols like you are Alaudin Khilj

Post Scriptum

I recommend researching Sancity tech at the mosque as first and also send scholars to a holy site for additional gold income.

This strat helps in the beginning to midgame. However if it fails because your enemy is relentless and experienced dont hesitate abandoning elephants and go for a more conservative approach like mass spearmen accompanied with mangonels and archers.

Fun Fact: The Delhi Sultanate managed to crush the Mongols in the late 13th to early 14th centuries on several occassions. They mostly relied on a giant standing army composed of cavalry. This however put a heavy tax burden upon the population of the Sultanate.

The inspiration for this guide is the following video made by the german streamer Kimimoto.

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