Age of Empires IV Abbasid rush 100% Win Rate

has literally never failed me

Build order

Build a villager. Put all 6 on sheep. Use your scout to collect any visible sheep. 1st villager you build will construct your first house. Continue putting villagers on sheep until you have 9.

After 9 villagers on food, rally to gold and build a mining camp. Keep rallying until you have 3 on gold. Rally villagers after that to wood. You should have 9 on food, 3 on gold, and the rest on wood. After you have a lumber camp build a house of wisdom and houses as needed. When you can age up with the house of wisdom rally 3 of your food villagers toward the enemy base. Build a barracks and an outpost. Research the spearman upgrade from the barracks. Make spearmen. Attack his gold with 3 or 4 spearmen and use your 3 villagers to build an outpost outside of the range of his town center but within range of his gold. Then he leaves 100% of the time.

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