Aeromancer class, Akkan Legion raid & more



    The Lost Ark August 2023 update is the next step of the game’s ever-evolving content roadmap.

    Lost Ark has remained fresh with consistent content updates that have added new continents, extended the story, added end-game content, and much more. Smilegate has continued this into the summer of 2023 with the recent roadmap, highlighting some big content that’s set to come to the game.

    So, if you’re looking for an explanation of the Lost Ark August 2023 update, read on.

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    Lost Ark August 2023 update explained

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    The Lost Ark August 2023 update is the final part of the summer content roadmap, introducing players to the Aeromancer class, Akkan Legion raid, and more. 

    Aeromancer class

    The Aeromancer is the second Specialist advanced class to be introduced to the game. They can harness mystical illusions to manipulate weather or vanquish enemies with the flourish of their umbrella.

    The Aeromancer’s special metre is called Sun Shower, which is filled from hitting enemies with your skills. Once the metre is full, the Sun Shower can be used to gain offensive and defensive benefits, giving your basic attacks splash damage, and you and your party damage reduction.

    They’ll release sometime in August, along with a power pass and progression events, to make levelling easier.

    Akkan Legion raid

    You may have defeated Akknan once, but he’s not gone. As part of the Lost Ark August 2023 update, you can take part in the Akkan Legion raid.

    This is a new 8-player raid taking place in Arthetine, which will release with a normal and hard version, requiring item level 1580 and 1600 respectively.

    Sonavel Guardian raid

    The Sonavel Guardian raid is also a new activity for players to take part in, requiring item level 1580 to participate.

    That’s all for our explainer of the Lost Ark August 2023 update, and now you know what content will be added during the final month of the summer content roadmap.

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