Advance Wars CO Tier List: Top Ranked Commanding Officers


    Advance Wars is a handheld classic, recently remastered for modern consoles. It’s a surprisingly deep game, taking a simple formula and creating some of the most tense tactical gameplay available on any platform. The center of the game is the COs, super-powered commanders of the armies of Orange Star, Green Earth, Blue Moon, Yellow Comet, and the infamous Black Hole. But who are the best COs? Check out our Advance Wars CO tier list.

    Advanced Wars Best CO Tier List

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    With only improved vision as a CO power and mediocre counter damage bonus, Sonja is the worst CO in the game.



    Andy, the series’ protagonist is incredibly underwhelming as a CO and his abilities are more like training wheels. He trades for other COs as soon as he can.


    Making it snow is fine, but honestly, almost every other CO power in the game is more useful.


    Navel units are a small drop in the ocean (pun intended) in Advanced War, and most players quickly mitigate Tsunami’s damage output. We suggest anyone else.



    Only in B-tier, Grit is here because it requires a very specific plan and isn’t very adaptable. With all his indirect fire and artillery based playstyle, he can dominate with those units. But he will fight if your plan doesn’t work.

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    Sami has a CO power that will catch many beginning and veteran players off guard. Double Time increases the movement range and firepower of Infantry and Mech units and their CO power has the shortest charge in the game. As a result, he can quickly sweep and capture targets and even HQs in no time.


    Luck is a secretly broken stat in Advanced Wars and Lucky Star gives them a 60% bonus to luck, plus a flat defense buff. While luck seems like a coin toss, you’ll win more times than not with his busted stats.


    Eagle’s ability to move all non-infantry units again at the cost of dealing 80% of their damage is amazing. Instantly puts you in tier A.


    Morale Boost, Kanbei’s CO power, increases Kanbei’s universal attack to 140% and universal defense to 130%. This makes him amazing at orchestrating last-second pushes or vital defenses of his turf.



    Sturm’s Meteor Strike is absolutely amazing. Deals 8 damage to all enemies, kills any unit with light damage, and has a massive hitbox. It then increases your unit’s damage. Although you can’t choose the location of Meteor Strike, one good hit will end the game for you.


    It’s awesome that Max is one of the first COs you unlock, because being able to buff all the non-infantry firepower is awesome. In addition, all non-infantry direct combat units gain a movement increase of one. There is almost no circumstance where this is not a perfect move.

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