Adam Sandler’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cameo Was Epic


While they may not have graced the Studio 8H stage during the same era, both Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler built their careers on saturday night live. NBC’s venerable sketch comedy series has been the launch pad for a seemingly endless list of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. That includes Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrell, Kate McKinnon, Tina Fey, Amy Pohler, Jimmy Fallon, Mike Meyers, and dozens more. Even Robert Downey Jr. had a brief and not-so-memorable run on the show.

As a general rule, sitcoms are wall-to-wall cameos by other comedians, often people the stars or producers have worked with in the past. brooklyn nine nine was certainly not immune to this as multiple SNL The alum worked his way into the series to work with Andy Samberg again. But it was Adam Sandler who may have had the best cameo of all alongside football legend Joe Theismann.

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From Hotel Transylvania to Brooklyn Nine-Nine

be part of the SNL crew is a lifetime commitment. Even after someone has moved on to the next phase of their respective career, the show and the stage it performs on are still at home. And more importantly, other SNL the alum will often appear in his cohort’s projects. In the case of brooklyn nine nineThat meant cameos from the likes of Tim Meadows, Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph, Chris Parnell, Nasim Pedrad and Vanessa Bayer. One episode even brought up Brad Hall that he was in SNL in the early 1980s.

The biggest and most obvious. SNL cameo brooklyn nine nine it was easily Adam Sandler. In addition to being one of SNL’s most recognizable former cast members and a major movie star, Sandler had worked with Samberg on several film projects. The most popular of these films was and is the Hotel Transylvania series, in which the two actors give voice to the main characters. As such, no one was surprised when Sandler appeared in season 1, episode 15 of Brooklyn nine-nine.

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Andy Samberg, Adam Sandler… and the Multiverse?

What was surprising was that Sandler played himself while bidding on antiques at a high-end auction. Samberg’s Jake Peralta and Melissa Fumero’s Amy Santiago ended up there chasing a thief. Even more surprising was the fact that Super Bowl champion Joe Theismann was at the same auction. Peralta accurately called out Sandler for doing too many movies with Kevin James, then proceeded to injure Theismann’s other leg while trying to catch the thief.

It was an almost perfect cameo for Sandler as he played himself in an unexpected situation, which absolutely worked. At one point, he took the stage and capped off the opportunity to punch Peralta in the face. Theismann actually won that offer. Bearing all that in mind, Sandler’s appearance as himself created a bit of a paradox.

Since Sandler exists in the world of brooklyn nine nine, that means his entire career does too. That should include the movies that he did with Samberg. The series never really addressed whether Andy Samberg exists in the same fictional world as Jake Peralta. But it’s also hard to imagine that a sizeable part of Adam Sandler’s career just didn’t happen. Regardless, Sandler’s cameo was perfect and absolutely hilarious, even if he could create an end-of-the-universe time anomaly.

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