Ace Attorney Investigations Collection Announced, Launching September


    In recent years, Capcom has really shown their dedication to the Ace Attorney series by bringing the games to modern consoles. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles brought two games to the West for the first time, while the Apollo Justice Ace Attorney Trilogy gave a new look to the new games in the series. Today, with the announcement of the Ace Attorney Investigations Collection, Capcom isn’t bringing another Japan-only release to Western gamers, but has made the entire library of Ace Attorney games available on modern consoles.

    Investigation Games follows Miles Edgeworth, an antagonist turned reluctant partner from the original trilogy of Phoenix Wright games. Instead of defending suspects in court, Edgeworth is a prosecutor, so it’s up to him to build a case against the main suspects. By gathering evidence and completing logical puzzles, he and the lovable detective Gumshoe solve mysteries and deliver justice. While the first game launched as a DS title in the States, the second game never officially took off, so this is many players’ first chance to see its story.

    Like other Ace Attorney collections, the Ace Attorney Investigations Collection will feature multiple modes and settings for fans to appreciate the art and music of the original game. While it features new “hand-drawn character visuals” for a more modern look, it also allows players to switch to classic pixel sprites if they prefer the original look. Meanwhile, the gallery features character art, a photo album, and music from the game, including orchestral arrangements.

    While the announcement was made during the Nintendo Direct, the S.Attorney Investigations collection is far from console – the two-game collection will launch on September 6 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.


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