According to a reliable insider, Sony is not focusing on Xbox Game Pass as a competitor



    A new report says that Sony doesn’t see Xbox Game Pass as a competitor. Xbox Game Pass officially began in 2017 and became popular over the course of its existence. Microsoft continues to add exciting AAA and indie games to the Xbox Game Pass library, some of which are available on first day.

    Xbox Game Pass offers subscribers games from Microsofts studios on Day one, versus gaming that will cost 70 dollars for its exclusives. Sony was also one of the first to raise the price of PS5 games by 10 from the previous $60. Many users believe Sony was feeling like a sock by Xbox Game Pass, but new report shows Sony doesn’t see it as competition.

    Even in December 2022, Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, pointed out that PlayStation wasn’t thinking Xbox Game Pass was a competitor. When he talked about Xbox Game Pass, Ryan declared that total number of subscribers seemed to drop and reached 20 million users. He also stated that by contrast, the number of PlayStation Plus subscribers is just 50 million. Fans must note that while Tom Henderson proved a reliable source, all rumors and leaks should be taken with salt.

    In the same report, Ryan said that in two years, Sony sold more PS5s than the total number of Xbox Game Pass members. As of September 30th 2022, the PlayStation 5 sold 25 million units worldwide, and that number has definitely increased since then. In recent months, PS5 inventory has increased significantly; Sony, reportedly, has seen hundreds of consoles on store shelves because of some users. Fans can also buy 3-inch bundles of PS5 with “God of War Ragnarok” or “The Modern Warfare”.

    The exact number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers is currently unknown, with the latest figures averaging over 25 million as of January 2022. Sony recently stated that it has more than 29 million monthly Xbox Pass subscribers, therefore the new statement doesn’t compare to the previous figure. Sony omitting the number of PC Game Pass users, and in this case only comparing Xbox Game Pass members to Xbox Plus.



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