Abnormal Cleanliness – Bone Locations


    Find all 20 bones with location descriptions and screenshots.

    Important! All the bones on the first and second floors are located on the left side of the house! The right side has been renovated and therefore has no bones!

    out (2 bones)

    [1/2] Wheelbarrow (front of house)

    [2/2] Patio table (back of house)

    First floor (9 bones)

    [1/9] Cardboard boxes (from left door)

    [2/9] Bottom shelf (via garage)

    [3/9] The garage * Garage key required.

    [4/9] drowning

    [5/9] Television

    [6/9] Large dining room table

    [7/9] Twin room

    [8/9] Washer

    [9/9] Chimney (back of house)

    2nd floor (4 bones)

    [1/4] Picture frame

    [2/4] The bathtub

    [3/4] The bottom shelf

    [4/4] To raise *Master bedroom key required.

    Atari (2 bones)

    [1/2] Corner cupboard

    [2/2] Teddy bear

    Basement (3 Bones)

    [1/3] Basement #1 (This is near the stairs that lead in from the back patio)

    [2/3] Basement #2 (from the stairs leading in on the right side of the house)

    [3/3] Torture Chamber (walk through plywood)


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