Abandoned Vehicle DMZ Mission Guide


    The Season 5 update for Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ introduced several new changes to the game, including a fresh set of missions for the new Shadow Company faction. A new armored vehicle called the MRAP has also been added to Al Mazrah that you need to secure for the Abandoned Vehicle mission.

    DMZ Abandoned Vehicle Mission

    • Acquire a key to the MRAP by finding it or purchasing it at a buy station.
    • Unlock and secure the MRAP.

    This mission can only be completed on the Al Mazrah map because this is where the MRAP vehicle is available. Before deploying, try to bring some cash if you have any extra lying in your wallet stash, preferably $200,000.

    How to acquire the key to the MRAP in DMZ

    The MRAP Key is a rare item that spawns randomly across the DMZ. I haven’t found one as loot yet, but you may get lucky while searching through high-loot areas, locked spaces, orange supply boxes, and trains. Alternatively, you can purchase the MRAP Key from a buy station on the map.

    Each buy station has one MRAP Key available for purchase for $200,000. I know that’s a hefty amount of cash, but you’ll have to accumulate it unless you want to spend the entire time looting across the map. Therefore, bringing some cash from your wallet will help. If the buy station you’re visiting doesn’t have the MRAP Key, go to another shop as someone else already took this one.

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    Where to find the MRAP in DMZ

    The MRAP armored truck spawns in limited numbers each match, i.e., around two or three across the map. Open your tac map and look for the special vehicle icon shown in the image above. I’ve noticed that the MRAP often spawns in southern Al Mazrah around the Sa’id City and the Sarrif Bay areas. The vehicle is easily identifiable as you can see in the second image.

    How to unlock and secure the MRAP in DMZ

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    You’ll be able to sit inside the armored truck without the MRAP Key, but it will not move as you can see above. To complete the Abandoned Vehicle mission, you need to sit inside the MRAP while carrying the MRAP Key in your backpack. Move the vehicle a bit and the mission will be done.

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