Avatar: The Last Airbender is an action-packed anime-style collection that contains a colourful forged of a few of Nickelodeon’s finest characters of all time, from the redeemed prince Zuko of the Fire Nation to the brother/sister duo Sokka and Katara and positively the tsundere Earthbender Toph Beifong. Best of all is Avatar Aang himself, the world’s final Airbender.

Aang is one of the best hope for restoring peace through the Hundred-Year War, nevertheless it takes greater than the 4 components to unite and heal the world. Fortunately, Aang has the compassion, knowledge and kindness wanted to convey the individuals collectively and usher in an period of peace, tolerance and hope. And his MBTI persona sort says a lot about who he actually is as a younger savior and peacekeeper.

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Avatar Aang’s MBTI Personality Type: ENFP, The Campaigner

Avatar Aang is finest described because the Campaigner persona sort (ENFP), probably the most outgoing, optimistic and people-oriented of the 16 persona varieties. ENFP stands for Extroverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving, which provides as much as an idealistic, empathetic and versatile mindset geared towards serving to others by any means obligatory. The ENFP persona sort has some overlap with its inspiring cousin, the ENFJ Protagonist sort, with the distinction being that Protagonists are extra rules-bound and methodical in how they do issues with their Judging nature, versus free-spirited ENFPs. The Campaigner might also really feel just like the playful, expressive ESFP Entertainer sort, besides ENFPs are extra curious about lofty beliefs and ideas whereas Entertainers dwell solely within the right here and now.

A Campaigner can and can strike a sensible stability between their outgoing, sociable nature and their lofty beliefs and aspirations, comfortably dwelling each inside and out of doors their very own pores and skin. As per the identify, an ENFP will gladly meet and get to know these round them to allow them to encourage, uplift and information them towards a greater future, performing as an unofficial chief the entire time. Campaigners genuinely need what’s finest for everybody and have a tendency to dream huge, which means they’re adept at envisioning a greater, happier society for everybody and determining tips on how to obtain it.

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For a Campaigner, nobody is glad till everyone seems to be glad, and nobody ought to be left behind. All individuals are related, and an ENFP will work exhausting to determine tips on how to remodel society for the higher. They will spend loads of time attempting to determine the motives, objectives, relationships and emotional states of the individuals round them to assist develop the proper plan, all due to their Intuitive nature. There’s a sample behind all the pieces, in any case, and if a Campaigner can meet sufficient individuals, they’re going to unravel the mysteries of society very quickly.

ENFPs have many notable strengths, together with their insightful curiosity and talent to infer what different people and teams are considering. This is important for determining tips on how to enhance society and make everybody happier, extra related and higher understood. Similarly, ENFPs have an infectious enthusiasm for doing the fitting factor, with radiant charisma to match. On the draw back, Campaigners are complete people-pleasers and would possibly make unwise compromises or sacrifices to make sure everybody likes them. They may additionally be too chaotic in their very own heads and transfer from one lofty thought to a different, which can stop any of those concepts from coming to fruition. Campaigners may additionally be a tad too optimistic and in denial of some exhausting truths of their world.

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Avatar Aang as a Campaigner In The Last Airbender

Even earlier than he discovered of his responsibility as the brand new Avatar after Roku’s dying, Aang was a complete Campaigner at coronary heart, at all times prepared and prepared to do what he should to maintain everybody glad. As a quintessential Air Nomad, Aang is a naturally flexible-minded, resourceful, compassionate and people-oriented particular person, at all times placing others’ wants first.

Aang will do all he can within the current period to finish the raging struggle, reunite the healed and divided world, and ensure all individuals are supported, understood and given hope. Most notably, Aang seeks to not punish the Fire Nation and its troopers, however to assist them restore stability with the world and take into consideration a greater, extra harmonious future. A Campaigner like Aang is all about how the longer term could be higher, not how the previous ought to be punished. An ENFP won’t ever say that two wrongs make a proper.

Aang has at all times favored diplomacy, persistence and forgiveness over revenge all through Avatar, reminiscent of when he urged Katara to not search bloody vengeance in opposition to the Fire Nation officer who killed her mom. Katara and Zuko doubted Aang at first, solely to appreciate he was proper all alongside, which impressed Katara to embrace Zuko as a forgiven good friend. In Season 1 of The Last Airbender, after Zuko/the Blue Spirit rescued him, Aang famous that he had as soon as had a good friend within the Fire Nation, so absolutely he and Zuko may very well be mates too in the event that they put aside their variations. That’s a complete ENFP transfer. Finally, Aang helped Zuko heal the nation’s post-war wounds by eradicating all however one of many Fire Nation colonies, remodeling the biggest colony right into a multinational, futuristic metropolis the place all are welcome.

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