A Short About a Man Reincarnated as a Maggot Questions Art and Human Consciousness


A Story Constructed of 17 Pieces of Space and 1 Maggot (Jūnanako no Kūkan to Ippiki no Ujimushi de Kōsei Sareta Sakuhin) is a 13-minute brief directed by Isamu Hirabayashi that went on to win the Audience Award on the 25 FPS Festival in 2008.

The story follows a person who has been reincarnated as a maggot, whereas nonetheless retaining his human consciousness, after unintentionally dying on a surgeon’s desk. As the viewers follows this former man’s prepare of thought, the place he ponders over his previous life and present scenario, they start to query the which means of life and the character of actuality.

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The Plot of A Story Constructed of 17 Pieces of Space and 1 Maggot

The brief’s protagonist explains, through voiceover, that he lately died after having an appendicitis operation as a consequence of an overdose of anesthesia. Now, he’s been reincarnated as a maggot and is condemned to wander the earth till his subsequent level of loss of life, upon which he’ll be reborn once more. However, he’s unexpectedly managed to retain the reminiscences of his previous life and human intelligence. Trapped within the physique of a larva, the previous man reminisces about his previous experiences, the aim of artwork and why he’s been positioned on this scenario.

In his earlier life, this man was an artist and tried to obtain acclaim via a sequence of unusual exploits. He explains how his “best work” was when he splattered a bucket of his personal semen, which he collected over a interval of three years, in public. However, regardless of this excessive act, nobody appeared to look after his work or take any discover. Upon reflection, the maggot realizes that his earlier understanding of what ‘artwork’ is was misunderstood. Now, he believes that this apply is a means of “self-consciousness” wherein one makes an attempt to be understood by their friends.

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As the day drags on, the maggot displays on his selections as a human being and desires that he’d spent his time extra correctly. Rather than having fun with all that life may give, he as a substitute spent his days on pretentious acts to impress these round him. However, his melancholy shortly fades when he realizes that he’ll shortly be a fly, die and cross on to his subsequent kind. He hopes that he’ll be reborn as a human once more in order that he can undo the wrongs of his previous life.

Shortly after turning right into a fly, he’s sprayed with pesticide, stepped on and dies. Once once more, his consciousness stays, and he’s reborn right into a pebble. Since a cloth factor can’t die, the now-former maggot wonders whether or not he’ll ever be reborn once more. While this prospect initially terrifies them, they ultimately start to really feel “fulfillment” and “satisfaction” of their existence and “kindness towards others.”

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Themes of Buddhism Loom Large

In the opening of the brief, the maggot expresses its shock at having been reborn so shortly after its loss of life as a human. They argue that they need to have been reincarnated after 49 days — a perception that’s generally held by Tibetan Buddhists. However, this in-between stage, often called the bardo, doesn’t happen. Instead, their path to reincarnation has adopted Theravada Buddist custom since they’ve been rebirthed instantly.

Within Buddhism, there are six totally different types of rebirth, which embrace three god realms (heavenly god, demigod and human) and three evil realms (animals, ghosts and hellish). The kind that consciousness takes throughout reincarnation will depend on the karma of each present and former lives. In the person’s first reincarnated state, he enters the realm of Tiryak (Animals), which signifies that he suffered unfavourable karma throughout his earlier life. However, the retention of his human consciousness and later kind seem to divert from this faith’s traditions and texts.

The brief’s protagonist has lived a sequence of lives that he’s taken with no consideration. Whether it’s his obsession with artwork, which he later realizes was his infatuation with self, or his unhealthy want to be reincarnated whereas being a maggot, he repeatedly proves that he’s unable to dwell within the second. It’s solely when he’s a rock and sufficient time passes that he realizes the fantastic thing about life itself and the necessity to present kindness towards others. At this stage, it seems that they’ve reached a state of nirvana and have exited the cycle of rebirth.

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A Critique of Art

The brief acts as a critique of the world of artwork and the way artists typically fall into the entice of performing out their weird fantasies in an effort to impress these round them. The maggot’s reflection on how his sperm bucket efficiency piece was a second of egotism slightly than a second of true creative expression brings into query what artwork actually is. Can an individual push the boundaries of self-expression with out falling into the entice of the self? In a second of readability, the reincarnated soul begins to understand that consciousness itself is an artwork and that finally, that is its purest kind. From this understanding, he decides that his subsequent life will transfer away from creative pursuits and as a substitute give attention to the character of dwelling.

While this initially seems to sentence anybody who takes half in creative endeavors, it’s as a substitute an try to spotlight how artwork might be an all-consuming pastime that stops an individual from recognizing their surrounding magnificence. Instead, artwork must be a mirrored image of life, nature and sweetness that comes from a spot of understanding and expertise. After all, if Hirabayashi had been to critique artwork in its totality, it could be extremely hypocritical.

A Story Constructed of 17 Pieces of Space and 1 Maggot supplies a wonderful steadiness of humor and mental exploration that can maintain viewers engaged all through the brief’s runtime. While this work would possibly visually simply present a maggot crawling throughout a wide range of surfaces, its story and collection of sounds handle to maintain the tempo up — and maintain viewers pondering on what they may do in the event that they had been positioned in an identical scenario.

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