A Reformed Black Panther Villain is Perfect for the Avengers


This article contains spoilers for Black Panther #10, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

Comic book publishers regularly release new characters to see if they resonate with fans. More often than not, a new character just ends up being a “deus ex machina” device with relevance that fades over time. It’s rare that one comes out that’s really relevant to the story, unique, and has an eye-catching image. introduced in Black Panther #10 (by John Ridley and German Peralta) Buffalo Soldier checks all of these boxes, and if given the opportunity, he would be a welcome addition to the Avengers.

Driven out of Wakanda, Black Panther is now the leader of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. introduced in Black Panther #9, the entity known as the Colonialist claims the Earth as their own, establishing an army of monsters in a small town in Texas. This particular group of giants have anti-vibranium weapons, the same metal that Black Panther’s suit and Captain America’s shield are made of. Just as T’challa’s sister Shuri delivers a device to defeat the creatures, a man on top of a huge buffalo and nicknamed the Buffalo Solider destroys it.

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The origin of the buffalo soldier from Black Panther

In the American Civil War, regiments of African-American soldiers were called Buffalo Soldiers. The name is derived from the visual context of the Native American tribes of the time, but these men were also known for their ferocity on the battlefield. The man fighting Black Panther certainly embodies these characteristics from a characterization and visual standpoint.

In the battle between the two, Buffalo Soldier manhandles Black Panther, hitting him with charge after charge. Meanwhile, the mysterious new combatant criticizes T’challa’s fighting skills and insists that he doesn’t know how to fight. Buffalo Soldier is deceptively armed with two Civil War-era pistols, a rifle, and a large Bowie knife. But there is nothing normal about any of these weapons, as they can all destroy vibranium. Ultimately, the normally well-protected T’challa is slashed deep and pulled out of the fight, barely able to stand.

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Why Buffalo Soldier Would Make A Great Avenger

While Black Panther is incapacitated, Buffalo Soldier tells the story of how he came to serve the colonialists. Finally, T’challa sees that Buffalo Soldier is being used by the colonialist for his own personal gain and shows him that he has a choice in the matter. Realizing that Black Panther is right and finally seeing a new path, Buffalo Soldier directs his anger at the real villains: the creatures invading the city and making peace with the Avengers.

Traditionally, the Avengers rotate members and draw them in from all corners of the Marvel Universe. New members are always an exciting proposition for Avengers fans, but too often they’re derivatives of an existing character. In contrast, Buffalo Soldier is an entirely new hero with a relatable story and an exciting power set. His outfit is certainly reminiscent of the Western genre archetype, but it actually defies the colorful spandex of traditional superhero attire. In his last appearance in the story, Buffalo Soldier stands over his fallen buffalo, bloodied and beaten by the hordes. But this certainly isn’t the last time readers will see the character. In fact, Marvel needs to immediately capitalize on this new lead and give him a regular role alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

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