A Logan Theory Explains the X-Men’s Confusing Timelines


While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has gone to great lengths to make sense of its Multiverse and the timeline issues that can come from it, the franchise wasn’t the first to dabble in time travel. In fact, that particular award would go to Fox X Men Movie (s. At first, things started to get complicated after the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past. While the movie itself was exciting, it set the new timeline from X Men First generation it was actually tied into the previous movies, which made things more confusing.

While the timeline itself had its ups and downs, a new Reddit theory believes that some sense could be made from the main X Men Films, Badger Y Loganand that answer is linked to the moment Logan where he scolds Laura and Professor X for the X Men comics you read. According to him, maybe a quarter of what’s in those comics happened, which in turn may have confirmed which movies were canon and which ones took their own narrative liberties.

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Only Three X-Men Movies Are Canon

Taking into account Logan’s life and experiences, primarily based on what he said, the theory posits that X Men, Badger Y Logan they are the only honest representations of its history. In essence, these were the fourth part of the stories that happened that Logan mentioned to Laura. This also makes more sense, as they are the strongest movies in the franchise. Granted, there’s still a fantastical quality to the stories, but at their core, these films don’t go beyond the realm of realism established by Logan. He also showed that life as a mutant was hard and full of loss, as it wasn’t easy to live with powers.

X2 and The Last Stand are unreliably retold

While the events of X2: X-Men United Y X-Men: The Final Stand happened, they were not reliable accounts of these adventures. This helps prove that in the quarter that happened, not everything was like in these books. This could be best tested with the concept that the events of the movies, while substantiated, still had more outlandish instances that went against the nature of the “real” movies and their events. This could be shown in Professor X’s actions trying to kill all the Homosapiens in the world, as well as an all-out war with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and the effects of The Dark Phoenix.

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Days of future past masks a darker reality

In addition to his claims that only part of what’s in the comics happened, Logan mentions how people die in the real world. This line mattered because of what happened to Jean Gray and the events that led to the deaths of many Mutants when Professor X had the first attack on him. Essentially, X-Men: Days of Future Past it represented a happier ending where no one died, created by the writers who lived through it. The future was rectified with everyone surviving and a more optimistic present than the real one, but this is not the real course of events. Instead, the real future was that of Loganwhere mutants were almost extinct, and Logan was the one forced to care for the sick Charles Xavier.

The most recent X-Men movies complete the circle of Logan comics

Based on this theory, X Men First generation, X-Men: Apocalypse Y Dark fenix they were all meant to be fictional movies based on the comics that were inspired by Logan’s reality. It can be confusing at a glance, but it becomes clear the more he examines it. To begin with, the most recent X Men the movies were more vibrant and more like the comics in that the heroes and villains wore uniforms similar to what the comics offered. However, the biggest reveal of the film’s roots was the slipping timeline where a series set in 40 years seemed not to reflect the ages of the actors. The introduction of a moving time scale makes it easy to see that these movies took place in any tangible reality. While this theory may not pan out, it’s a clever way to show that the continuity of these movies wasn’t different for a reason.

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