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Crossword clues sometimes can be tricky. So, to make the crossword easier here is the A Hot One Makes A Good Impression Crossword clue answer.

A Hot One Makes A Good Impression Crossword clue Answer

Below we are listing A Hot One Makes A Good Impression Crossword clue Answer. We have listed all the answers for the given clue A Hot One Makes A Good Impression. Depending on the length of the word, we hope that one might fit correctly in your crossword puzzle.

However, remember that a crossword clue can have many different answers. It all depends on the length of the words in the actual Crossword puzzle. Also, the same answer and clue can be used by different Crossword publishers.

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Crossword Clue Answer Meaning

Crossword AnswersCrossword Clue
IRONA hot one makes a good impression
TOALL“… and — a good night”
DENTEDMade an impression?
OPTSMakes a choice
HAVE‘___ a good one!’
ERRSMakes a mistake
SHARPLike a good knife
VEERSMakes a sudden turn
SOUPEDUPLike a hot rod
HAHA‘That’s a good one!’
OMENA rainbow is said to be a good one
ASKSMakes a request
SITTING PRETTYIn a good position
NICE“Good one!”
GINGERBREADIt makes a man hot and sweet
MIMICPerson who makes a good impression?
ETCHESMakes a good impression?
WOWSMakes a great impression
APEROne who makes a good first impression?

How To Play Crossword?

The objective of the game is to fill all the rows and columns with the correct words. There can only be one word in each box. The words cannot be more than the number of boxes. You may not use numbers, spaces, or symbols. You can only use a single letter per empty box to solve the puzzle.

There are small numbers in the boxes starting at the top right with 1 and increasing towards the bottom left. These numbers co-relate to clues or to questions as to what word is supposed to go in the boxes.

The number applies to the box it is in as well as to the boxes to the right of it or down from it. Cross-reference the number to the across clues or the down clues to determine the answer to the box’s letters from words in the rows may be used in the words in the intersecting columns and vice versa.

This can help you in solving more words as you go along. Once you fill in all the rows and columns with the correct words, you win.

History of Crossword

Almost a hundred and nine years ago in December 1913, British-born Arthur Wayne introduced to the world what we call today the Crossword. It was the eve of World War 1. The editor of New York World supplement Fun had to fill his spare space in the paper.

Inspired by similar word puzzles he enjoyed in children’s newspapers back in Liverpool he created numbered diamond-shaped word search grid with an empty center.

It was first published on December 21, 1913, titled Fun’s Wordcross Puzzle. It was considered a well-suited distraction in a time of war.

Further, the name of the word puzzle was changed from Wordcross to Crossword. The Crossword became so popular in the 1920s that there were Crossword patterned stockings, Crossword themed musicals, books, comics, and dances.

Eleven years after its inception, Richard Simon and Lincon Schuster printed a collection of Crosswords that became the first Crossword puzzle book. By mid-1920’s the Crosswords were being published in many of the leading American Newspapers.