9 worst games of 2022


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    It’s unfathomable how many games are made each year, so many that there are bound to be a ton of rejections. We’ve been keeping an eye on all the releases over the course of 2022, trying to find the duds among all the gems. We found a lot, but narrowed them down to the nine worst games of 2022.

    The lowest rated games of 2022

    We wanted to be thoughtful in our approach to what makes a game the worst. Obviously critic reviews are often used as the default approach for this answer. However, at MyFullGames we know that gamers have an equal voice in how they feel about gaming. For this reason, we have weighed the scores of both the critics and the audience. We have also tried to find a deeper reasoning for why some games failed, such as franchise expectations.

    roller champions

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    Roller Champions may have been met with a solid mid-score from critics, but fans weren’t too pleased with this 3v3 roller sports game. While it has been praised for its basic art and concept, players were quick to point out that deeper substance was missing below the surface. In addition to this, there are claims that some of the key components of the game, such as tackle hitboxes, were fully rendered. dysfunctional.

    gotham knights

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    While it received a middling reception from critics, Gotham Knights was not well received by many who played it outside of the critical industry. It seems the game’s poor performance has little to do with gaming in a vacuum, but more to do with what fans expect from games in the Batman universe. The fighting mechanics is especially delicate, since they chose to make a evasion based control system that left fans feeling alienated. From there, it was also considered simply as a middle game in terms of quality and replayability.

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    This entry on our list, XEL, barely played enough to be panned by critics and users, but had enough traffic to get overlooked. Some loved the Legend of Zelda style of the game, but others found it too similar for comfort. Above accusations of being a Zelda scamfell into the trap of having a slow and boring story. And what would a bad game of the year be without a litany of insects? While it got such a horrible reception, some were still intrigued by the potential of the story it contained.

    lego fights

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    LEGO Brawls suffers from not only poor reviews from critics and gamers, but also fell into obscurity with very few gamers to even review it. At the top of the list of complaints was the price, which was $40 at launch. For the asking price, many expected more. character optionsless failures, and more exciting mechanics within the battles. Many consider the controls to be cliché and not worth making a new game for. We wouldn’t expect players to get more than a few hours of gameplay out of LEGO Brawls.

    the waylanders

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    While The Waylanders has some ambitious ideas of using Celtic folklore in a cohesive game, it doesn’t seem like it has gotten there. Critics were a bit more lenient on the game due to his efforts, but fans were left cold with the good gameplay. The dialogue has been skewered by his cornyas well as the history that it has strange rhythm. Like many other entries on this list, it also suffers from many different bugs and glitches.


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    Some players were happy with the story section of CrossfireX’s campaign, but the game as a whole has been called a flop by users and critics. More than anything, CrossfireX’s multiplayer seems to be the biggest disappointment. Many thought that the the choices were uninspiredthat he online components did not work correctly many times and even assets that look outdated. Hopeful fans think that CrossfireX can improve their multiplayer woes with some new maps, improved game modes, and even some free incentives for disgruntled fans.

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    fall of babylon

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    Disgraced by players and critics alike, Babylon’s Fall was ultimately a flop due to its lack of stability and unappealing missions. Many found the game lacking in almost every department, from visual design to basic mechanics. it’s full of glitches, long load timesand what many would simply call ugly illustrations. On top of all this, players are expected to pay $60 for the game. It’s no surprise that Square Enix has chosen to end support for Babylon’s Fall in 2023.

    NHL 23

    Image via EA

    NHL 23 is an interesting entry on this list, as it was decently favored among critics. We cannot ignore that it has been almost universally criticized by regular players. The main complaint among users was that EA overpromised in many aspects of the game. Poor delivery occurred in many categories, including crossplay, skate effects, boost animations, and in-match AI reactions. The lack of crossplay options was also a sore point for many.

    POSTCARD 4: No Regerts

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    Critics and users alike agree, there is little redeeming value in POSTAL 4: No Regerts. One of the biggest complaints is its lack of clever humor. It’s reasonable to expect a game like this to be a bit silly, but POSTAL 4 goes further and into humorless vulgarity. Out of this, the missions and mechanics are boring and lacking in stimulation. Besides not adding anything to its predecessors, it even has issues with crashes and outdated graphics.

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